Hindus: invest in Center For Fundamental Freedoms

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As a Hindu, do you

(1) Want an India where Hinduism survives, tiding over the 1400 years of assault, first from ‘Religion of Peace’ (which continues till date), then from ‘Religion of Love’ (which also continues till date) and then from ‘Religion of Dictatorship of Proletariat’ (which also, sadly, continues till date)?

(2) Want an India where excellence is continuously celebrated, over a ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude encouraged by over 60 years of Congress and Socialist rule?

(3) Believe that the above two can not happen unless Hindus ‘put their money where their mouth is’?

You are reading the right blog.

Shri Anang Pal Malik and his colleagues have established an institute named ‘Center for Fundamental Freedoms’.

What is Center for Fundamental Freedoms?

It is a “registered Think Tank that aims to make India a Constitutional Republic, where rule of law is an absolute; and the law is rooted in and defined by Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Conscience, Right to Private Property, Right to Life; and Equality before Law. To secure these aims, and to safeguard in perpetuity these attributes of being human, the Centre is to promote its ideology in public at all levels, and will put mechanisms to monitor education, popular culture, media, and politics.” (Source: Anang Pal Malik).

The aims and objectives of the institute are the following:

a) The main focus of the Centre will be to make India a Constitutional Republic,
where rule of law is an absolute; and the law is rooted in and defined by Freedom
of Speech, Freedom of Conscience, Right to Private Property, Right to Life; and
Equality before Law.
b) To make India a Constitutional Republic, where rule of law is an absolute.
c) To secure Fundamental Freedoms for all Citizens.
d) To promote its ideology in public at all levels, and to put mechanisms to monitor
education, popular culture, media, and politics, so the Fundamental Freedoms are
not eroded under pressure from various ideological groups, political movements,
and special interests.
e) Collectivists have progressively, through electoral politics and lawfare, forced
erosion of Fundamental Rights. The Trust would work to roll back above
encroachments of Fundamental Rights taking recourse to courts, mass movement,
mass campaigns, representation, education, seminars, workshops, and media
f) A robust economic Liberal (Liberal in its classical sense) wing is to be created in
India by the Centre.

(Source: Anang Pal Malik)

What should you do?

(1) Invest in Center for Fundamental Freedoms. There is no free lunch in the world. ‘Religion of Peace’ mandates 10% of the income from the adherents. The fund goes into bankrolling Jihad. Calculate the potential amount. It is simple. Take the overall ‘Religion of Peace’ adherents in India. Take overall average Indian par capita income. You can do this on your own. See what we are up against. We have not yet talked about Petrodollar yet. Hopefully you know how ‘Religion of Love’ funds conversion in India. If you do not know, please read tweets of @sighbaboo .Do you think we can win this, without spending any of our own money? Do you really think Modi can do everything? You know the answer, and it is “NO”.

Bank details are following:

1. Name- Centre For Fundamental Freedoms
2. Account no- 003105030131
3. Account type- current
4. RTGS/NEFT/IFSC code-ICIC0000031
5. Branch address- K -1, Senior Mall, Sector 18, NOIDA, UP- 201301


(2) Widely share the work done by the Center for Fundamental Freedoms in all of your networks. Start with sharing the contents from http://www.thenationoftenrivers.com/  .

Is this institution credible?

Credibility requires competence and character. Does the institution have these? Please judge for yourself, by reading the contents on the ‘http://www.thenationoftenrivers.com/’ and the book ‘Corruption in India’ authored by Anang Pal Malik (source: http://thenationoftenrivers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Corruption-in-India.pdf).

I end this blog with the most valuable point I can ever make, which is not articulated by me either, but it is sourced from Srimad Bhagavad Gita.



A Hindu Agenda

The challenges that the Hindu society faces are well documented. In life-or-death struggle, implacable enemies of the Hindu society are working assiduously to destroy this ancient faith and culture. A large number of authors and intellectuals, such as Lekh Ram, Koenraad Elst, Sitaram Goel, Ram Swaroop, Arun Shourie, Rajiv Malhotra, S Gurumurthy, Sandeep Balakrishnan, Dr. Praveen Patil, Sandhya Jain, Swapan Dasgupta, Anang Pal Malik and hundreds of others have written numerous books and articles on this matter. As Koenraad Elst points out in his book ‘Decolonizing the Hindu mind’ with respect to Ram Swaroop, no serious rebuttal has really been done by the enemies of the Hindu society, to the serious scholarly work these authors have done. They have been branded ‘communal’, ‘Fascist’, ‘obscurantist’ and many other labels. However, the fact that the Hindu society is facing assault from Islam, Christianity and Communism for over 1300 years now has not been repudiated. In this blog, I do not intend to add anything more to the work of these pioneering pro-Hindu authors. Firstly, I do not have the scholarly capabilities. Secondly, it is really time to leverage these scholarly works and articulate a Hindu agenda. The next step, i.e, that of widely disseminating this agenda, within India and outside, can’t start sooner. As this blog by the Yuga Parivartan team (Twitter handle @yuga-parivartan) –[http://yugaparivartan.com/2016/02/17/demographic-seize-of-al-hind/ ]- clearly illustrates, we Hindus are facing our mortal danger right here in India, and it may just be a matter of a few decades when Hindus become minorities in their only homeland. The threats have been enumerated. The work of building a Hindu agenda must start at the earnest. While Narendra Modi-led BJP provides a much-needed clean and purposeful governance at the central government level, the harsh truth is that since their inception, the ‘Sangh Parivar’ has not been able to implement even one significant Hindu program, regardless of the fact that for the last nearly 3 decades, BJP has had significant numerical strength both as an organization at a grassroots level, as well as in the Parliament. We Hindus need Narendra Modi-led BJP. But we need a lot more than that. Hindus can scarcely outsource creation of their agenda to BJP/RSS alone, rather the Hindus must create their own agenda and, through mobilization of sheer numerical strength, force that agenda upon BJP/RSS.


  1. Build Ram temple at ‘Ram Janambhoomi’, Ayodhya: Thanks to the unsung unnamed Kar Sevaks of the 1989-1992, an unknown number of them have died facing bullets fired by the Mulayam Singh government police, the stark reminder of Islamic brutal subjugation of the Hindus, that eyesore Babri mosque, was demolished. The grand temple is, however, yet to be built. BJP talks about 3 overall approaches to build this temple, and they seem to be okay with utilizing any of these. The 3 options of (1) arriving at a consensus, (2) Court ruling, and (3) Legislation through parliament, all seem good. However, in practise, with the demographically increasingly prominent Muslims, and billions of petrodollars funnelled into India for waging Jihad, a cow may have to climb a tree before consensus is arrived at. India’s Supreme Court had only recently granted protection to Teesta Setalvad in a straight-forward case of swindling money of 2002 Gujarat riot victims, overriding lower court rulings without even bothering to find any loophole in the ruling of the said court, purely based on influential Congress lawyer Kapil Sibal’s ‘Phone-a-friend’ service. To expect this same leftist-infested court to come to rescue of the Hindus is, well, plain naivety on the part of the Hindus. That leaves one option only, that of legislation. To think that the BJP government that has not yet freed Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya from jail, where they are rotting since UPA era, without even a charge sheet, will work on this legislation for Ram temple on entirely their own drive is, well, far too simplistic. Hindus must force BJP through sheer weight of Hindu opinion. Every Hindu must make it their duty to at least inform one person about the rightful case the Hindus have vis-à-vis Ram temple. Depending on the capability of individual, the mode of this information dissemination is best left to the individual, however, the daily target of informing at least one person about the Hindu case for Ram temple must not be lost sight of. During March 2016, an online petition bearing 250,000 signatures had forced Arun Jaitley to roll back proposal of taxing Employee Provident Fund. I rest my case, but with a caveat. A few millions of Hindus must vocally pressurize BJP, for them to bring in this legislation. Not only that, millions of Hindus must regularly expose the sordid conspiracies that the Communists, Jihadists and Pseudo Secularists had hatched.
  2. Reclaim all lost or demolished Hindu temples: The very mention of this agenda will horrify some Hindus, brought up on a steady diet of ‘Sarva Dharma Samabhaba’. ‘What is this? Let’s be happy with Ram Janambhoomi. Why dig up all the other issues?’ will be their refrain, in summary. However, we Hindus must not lose sight of the most important dynamics at play here. Islam, Christianity and Communism – all of these Abrahamic religions (yes, Communism is nothing but an Abrahamic religion) must always expand, for them to remain viable. The certain death knell to these religions will be when you stop their expansion, and actually, roll back their expansion, i.e, to actually affect a contraction. The choice before the Hindus is simple. Sometime in 2015, the last Hindu temple in Nagaland was demolished. Many Hindus rightfully campaign for Congress-Mukt Bharat – an India free from the corrupt, malicious, divisive and compromised rule that the Congress party has provided for most part of the last 60 years. Unfortunately, while we concentrate our focus on freeing India from Congress, the Christian Church and allied terrorists have freed Nagaland already from Hindus, and most Hindus did not even notice the demolition of the last Hindu temple in Nagaland. So stretched are the feeble Hindu efforts to revive our society. While we quietly acquiesce to the steady progress of Islam and Christianity, with significant ideological support provided by the Communist-infested media and intelligentsia of India, Christian Church and Jihadi organizations will not give up even one of the mosques or churches they have built over forcibly demolished Hindu temples. There lies the sordid tale of the persecution of the Hindus. We continue to defend an every diminishing territorial and population domains. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh have been violently severed from us. A sister civilization, Tibet, has been forcibly occupied by China. Nepal is steadily becoming more and more Maoists, while the Baptists hope to have Nepal converted soon into the first Baptist nation of the world. Not to mention the steady infiltration of ISI sponsored Jihadists in the Nepalese regions bordering India. Between 1000 AD and 1512 AD, India’s population had decreased by a whopping 80 million, groaning under Islamic rule. We Hindus seem to think that the Jihadists had killed 80 million of Hindus. We fail to understand a simple mathematics – if population of India at 1000 AD was ‘X’, and if it was supposed to become ‘X+Y’ at 1512, allowing for natural birth rate, natural rate of death, a suitable number of deaths owing to natural calamities etc, then the Jihadists had actually killed a total of (Y+80 millions) in 512 years, with ‘Y’ likely to be a significantly large number. The struggle that the Hindus have with Islam, Christianity and Communism is a binary one. Either we exist. Or these ideologies exist. There is going to be no peaceful coexistence. There will never be a boundary that Pakistan will accept, as far as India is concerned. We know this, from the experience of 4 full-fledged wars and 3 decades of Jihadist terrorism unleashed on us by Pakistan. However, we fail to see that this is merely a symptom. We fail to notice that the ideologies that drive the Naga terrorists, the Jihadists in Kashmir and the communist killers in Kerala are same. We fail to comprehend that these ideologies will never accept a boundary, within which they will let the Hindus live peacefully. We surrendered Pakistan to the Jihadists, and now Hindus are all driven out of Kashmir valley. West Bengal, Assam and Kerala is soon following the Kashmir ‘model’. Either we reclaim our territory, our temples, convert the Muslim/Christian/Communist population back to Hinduism, or we continue to lose territory, people, temples and all our cultural values, bit by bit. Let us focus not only on Ram Janambhoomi in Ayodhya, but also on all 2000 temples that Sita Ram Goel had mentioned in his books ‘Hindu Temples: What happened to them – volume 1’ (http://voiceofdharma.org/books/htemples1/) and ‘Hindu Temples: What happened to them – volume 2’ (http://voiceofdharma.org/books/htemples2/ ). Let us reclaim the San Thome Cathedral in Mylapore (Tamil Nadu) and similarly all other churches that have been built over demolished Hindu temples. Not easy? Well, do you think that the unsung unnamed ancestors, who fought tooth and nail against imperialism, to protect our Hanuman temples, our Durga Puja or our Sabarimala temple, had it easy? Freedom is never easy to achieve, and far more difficult to maintain. Every Hindu must disseminate information on demolished Hindu temples to at least one person a day, a groundswell of public opinion must be formed.
  3. Reclaim Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Tibet: I am okay to be ridiculed as a hopeless war monger and fundamentalists, although most people who will label me thus will only label me, without even understanding what war means and fundamentalism entails. Let that pass. All of these countries were either Hindu once, or at least had Hindu-like faiths as the predominant belief system. No more. Jihad rules over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. ‘Communism with Chinese characteristics’ rules over Tibet. While India had intermittent success in preventing Afghanistan and Pakistan ganging up on India, for most part, Pakistan has been remarkably successful in gaining their famed ‘Strategic depth’ in Afghanistan. While India had sacrificed immensely during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, current crop of Jihadists in Bangladesh are as determined to root out Hinduism from Bangladesh, and subjugate India, as Aurangzeb was. Hundreds of authors have documented how the Hindus, or the sister civilization in case of Tibet, are steadily losing ground in these countries. As a matter of fact it may not be long before no Hindu survives in Bangladesh and Pakistan. My point is not to repeat all these findings. I only wish to say ‘No more’, and ‘Turn the table’. In other word, forcibly uproot Jihad and the Chinese racism from these countries. Application of force here should mean a complete war against Jihad and Communism/Chinese racism leveraging every weapon at our disposal, must be waged. This would mean covert efforts, economic pressure, overt war, using friendly population etc, at destabilizing these countries. At first Afghanistan and Bangladesh must be pitted against Pakistan, using cunning. Once the act of destroying Pakistan is complete, Jihad must be defeated in Bangladesh and Afghanistan, too, without even the slightest prevarication. We must reclaim territory we have lost. It is pointless to believe that Hinduism can coexist peacefully with Jihad, Evangelism and Communism. Just as Hindus are being driven out at gunpoint from Nagaland and Mizoram, within India, unless we start reclaiming territory, we will only be further squeezed out of our homeland. The following article published by the Yuga Parivartan team (Twitter handle @yugaparivartan) at http://yugaparivartan.com/2016/02/17/demographic-seize-of-al-hind/ shows how Hindus are continuously a shrinking population, and consequently, likely to become entirely marginal. There is no time to lose. In a nation that has never invaded another country, forget convincing politicians, it will take an enormous time to convince even the Hindu population that Jihad must be defeated in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, while Chinese racism must be defeated in Tibet. Every Hindu must make it a point to at least articulate this agenda to another individual, every day, without fail.
  4. Support the transparent, effective and transformative governance that Narendra Modi has brought in: BJP has so far not been able to resolve any of the long-standing Hindu issues. Hindu temples are still under government control while ‘minority’ (Indian branches of global imperialistic movements Islam and Christianity) ‘places of worship’ are not. Cow slaughter is not yet banned all over India. As the Yuga Parivartan team (Twitter handle @yugaparivartan) shows in this article, http://yugaparivartan.com/2016/04/14/has-bjp-betrayed-hindus-or-it-is-just-incompetent/ , ‘Secularist’ and ‘Feminist’ storm troopers are out to abuse Hindu traditions. Hindu workers get killed with impunity in Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka, and Kashmir. Why do I still ask for supporting BJP? The reason is simple. Suresh Prabhu, Piyush Goyal, Nitin Gadkari, M Venkaiah Naidu, Sushma Swaraj, V K Singh, Dharmendra Pradhan and several other ministers in the Narendra Modi government are clearly showing what good governance means, on the ground. I will not go into the details of the transformation they are bringing in many government departments. A short and rather limited and dated summary can be read in the article https://thinkingdisruptiveinnovation.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/narendra-modi-and-peter-drucker/ . As Dr Praveen Patil (Twitter handle @5forty3) points out in the following article, http://5forty3.in/index.php/2016/04/11/united-spectrum-of-hindu-assam/ , ‘United Spectrum of Hindu Vote’ can be built, but for that, unwavering focus on development agenda is non-negotiable. This is not a call to suspend criticism of Narendra Modi’s government, or BJP. Continue criticism, but influence positive change, do not abandon Modi. To see what I mean, please check Facebook posts of Ajit Upadhyay, at https://www.facebook.com/ajit.upadhyay.31?fref=ts .He criticizes Modi government and BJP fearlessly, with honesty, and with a burning intention to improve nationalist position in our country. As long as he knows Modi and his team have their hearts in the right place, he will continue constructive criticism and unwavering support. That’s integrity.
  5. Wean Indian Muslim women back from the clutches of the Mullahs: That’s roughly 50% of Indian Muslim population, even allowing for possibly adverse sex ratio. No ‘divide and rule’ vis-à-vis Islam can be more effective than this one. Note the tremendous risk the Hindus face in the following two articles: http://5forty3.in/index.php/2015/01/27/islam-pop-culture-and-the-demographic-demon-2/ by Dr. Praveen Patil, and http://yugaparivartan.com/2016/02/17/demographic-seize-of-al-hind/ by the Yuga Parivartan team. As long as Indian Muslim women remain ‘Child birth factories’, Hindus will continue to face the risk of total demographic onslaught.
  6. Eternal vigilance on Mullahs and Christian missionaries: The country does not belong to Ajit Doval alone. Ajit Doval, a brilliant intelligence officer that he is, can’t save India from the threats of Abrahamic faiths Islam and Christianity. We Hindus must do everything in our capability, and more, to expose every Mullah or Christian Missionary, dissing Hinduism. Denigrating Hinduism is the most common means that the Jihadists and Evangelists take, towards bringing Hindus to the hell-hole of conversion. Every time we find a communist denigrating native Indian faiths, we can be sure that a Mullah or a Christian Missionary will follow shortly. To remain vigilant on Mullahs and Christian Missionaries, we will do well to first remain vigilant on the Communists. Every Hindu must be wide awake to this responsibility.
  7. Stop Indian Judiciary’s unwarranted and illegal encroachment into Hindu faith, and India’s development story: India’s courts let Teesta Setalvad roam free. They have not decided on the case of Nirbhaya’s rape. Decades old Ram Janambhoomi case is still in limbo. As on early 2015, more than 61,000 cases were pending in Supreme Court alone. Influential lawyers wake Supreme Court up at midnight to hear Yakub Memon’s mercy petition. India’s Supreme Court saw their verdict on Shah Bano case overturned by Rajiv Gandhi’s government, and did not stop him. However, Supreme Court find time and ‘expertise’ to comment on Sabarimala temples age-old custom of not allowing women of reproductive age into the temple. As dear friend S Suchindranath Aiyer tirelessly communicates, Hinduism is a vast collection of many faiths, each Hindu temple is a religion by itself, no one is forced to follow one particular Hindu temple, however if one wants to visit the rules of the temple must be upheld. The rules do not endanger anyone’s life and property. Mumbai High court ruling on allowing women into the sanctum sanctorum of Shani Singnapur temple has not demonstrated the courage yet to strike down ‘Triple Talaq’ as illegal, however, that is a practise that completely goes against Human rights. Neither did India’s courts strike hard on the abominable practise of female genital mutilation. As R Jagannathan points out in http://swarajyamag.com/politics/scs-constitutional-coup-ambedkars-finely-crafted-balance-of-power-is-gone , India’s Supreme Court is well on it’s way to become a ‘benevolent dictator’. That’s not all. We have new entrant – National Green Tribunal, that had imposed fine on Shri Shri Ravi Shankar’s ‘Art of Living’, for conducting ‘World Cultural Festival’, even before the festival could be started, on the ground of ‘Compensation for environmental damage’! As Anang Pal Malik writes in http://www.thenationoftenrivers.com/mr-prime-minister-scrap-the-national-green-tribunal-before-it-scraps-india/ , National Green Tribunal, an unconstitutional extra-judicial body, raises a mortal risk for India, by potentially threatening to stop all key development projects. Now is the time for the Hindus to inform at least one person a day, every day, about what Indian courts can do, towards potentially destroying Hinduism and India.
  8. As Rajiv Malhotra points out, ‘Intellectual Kshatriya’s are absolutely vital for the survival of Hindu faith. As Koenraad Elst points out in his book ‘Decolonizing the Hindu Mind’, RSS has significant intellectual drawback. While RSS has completed 90 years, and has become the largest voluntary social organization in the world, we struggle to find enough number of Hindus who can even effectively articulate the strong moral and legal case the Hindus have vis-à-vis Ram Janambhoomi issue. Need I say more?

Hindu revivalism is a process that is continuing for centuries, and it is foolish to hope that in 2 years rule, Narendra Modi will bring in Hindu revivalism. We Hindus must put our skin in the game, we must support Hindu organization, both financially and with effort.

A brave Hindu – Shri C Sadanandan ‘Masterji’

Masterji campaigning

Dear Hindu reader:

What, if any, do you find unusual in the above picture? A middle-aged man, crossing wooden plank, assisted by two other people. Nothing unusual? Think again.

The man is Shri C Sadanandan, affectionately called ‘Masterji’, whose legs were chopped off by Communist brutes, in Uruvachal village of Kannur district of Kerala, on the 25th of January 1994.

The crime? Read his own words, which a journalist had published in the form of a partial interview (Source: http://hindunet.org/hvk/articles/0800/76.html):

Till my pre-degree course I was attached with the SFI. My father was an active communist, but became inactive after 1993. During my college days, I came in contact with Gokuldas of the ABVP, who became my close friend. At this point of time, he gave me a book written by Shri Parameshwaran, “Communism and Hindutva”, which deeply influenced me. I once attended a bouddhik at a Raksha Bandhan ceremony organised by the RSS in my village. The slight change in me developed into my attachment to the R.S.S. and I became a swayamsewak. My family warned me about the consequences of this, but I stuck to the R.S.S. Many other boys of the village too joined the R.S.S. shakhas. I later became Bouddhik Pramukh of Thrissur and the Saha Zila Karyavah. On Sept 8, 1993, the CPI-M had called a Bandh in Kerala during which they sought to dismantle a bus shelter in-village Perincheri built by the RSS. I and some other swaymsewaks resited. The reprisal came three months later. On Jan.25, 1994, while I was in village Uruvachal, to visit my uncle in connection with my sister’s marriage, at least twenty CPI-M workers accosted me, and after pulling me down on the ground, chopped off both my legs. I became unconscious in raging pain. I lay on the road while the CPI-M people threw bombs on the road and escaped. Police came twenty minutes later. I was taken to the Kozhikode Medical college Hospital and later to Bangalore where a RSS sponsored organisation Sewa-in-action arranged for my artificial legs.”

I think that your next question could be that what is he doing, walking around in rural areas, supported by others?

He is contesting Kerala State Legislative Assembly elections in 2016, from the same Kannur District, as a BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) candidate! In the picture, he is going from home to home, campaigning, with his artificial legs, with which he can walk only up to half a kilometer, without assistance! If courage ever needs another name, it could be ‘C Sadanandan Masterji’.

But wait! Do not close this blog yet. You may say, ‘What is so hard here? 22 years ago his legs were chopped off by Communist brutes. This is now 2016, Communism is now a discredited ideology, he need have no fear now. ‘ All I would request is that you read the following article, written by Anjali George (Twitter handle @Kuvalayamala):


After reading this article, you would have understood how Kannur has been the ‘Cultural Revolution execution battleground’ of the Indian version of brutal imperial ideology called ‘Communism. Now remember that ‘Master ji’ is married to Vanitha Rani since 1995, and the family have a charming daughter. Dear Hindu reader, please put yourself in his ‘shoes’. Not only to understand his courage. To actually do something more. Why is ‘Master ji’ contesting an election, after having his legs chopped off 22 years back, in the same district, which is a killing field of the communists, knowing fully well that Kerala is a very difficult battleground for Hindus, and he and his family could be gravely threatened?

It is the same reason, due to which millions and millions of unsung Hindus fought Islamic, British, Christian and Communist imperialism with everything they had. Millions and millions of them were killed, raped, brutalized, and forcibly converted. The Indian historian Professor K.S. Lal estimates that the Hindu population in India decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD and 1525 AD, an extermination unparalleled in World history (Source: http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/national/biggest-holocaust-world-historywhitewashed-history). Hindus lost vast amounts of territory. Unprecedented number of Hindu temples have been demolished and converted into Mosques and Churches. But we did not give up. ‘Master ji’ isn’t giving up, either. Because like the millions and millions of Hindus who had given up their lives in their struggle against imperialism, ‘Master ji’ also has an Ayyappa temple to save in Sabarimala, a Durga puja to protect, an Aranmula village to conserve, a Hanuman Chalisha to cherish, a Kanchi Shankara Mutt to preserve, a ‘Bharat Natyam’ to protect, and so on, and so forth. Dear Hindus, you have, too.

Please spread the word. Please contact, and thank, brave Hindus like Advaita Kala (Twitter handle @AdvaitaKala), J Nandakumar (Twitter handle @kumarnandaj), Arjun (Twitter handle @arjun_pdm), Gireesh (Twitter handle @Savarkar5200), Twitter handle @HKupdate, who are providing extraordinary support to ‘Master ji’. Dear Hindus, please consider supporting ‘Master ji’, in every conceivable means possible.

If we do not support the fellow Hindus, our future can be summarized by the below two pictures – (1) chopped off legs of ‘Master ji’ and (2) Communist brute forces weapons that would ‘help’ whole of India become Kannur’s killing fields. Choice is ours.

chopped legs

CPM hit team weapons

Wake up, Hindus, or else…

Valluvar 1

Hindus of India have been colonized for most part of the last 1400 years. Their geographical reach in terms of absolute territory has reduced. For over 1000 years the Islamic Jihadis have wrought havoc on India, with millions and millions of Hindus killed, raped, brutalized and converted by force. For about 500 years, Evangelist missionaries have induced, raped, brutalized, killed, and converted more millions of Hindus. For over 200 years, British have laid India to waste, through sheer brutality, cunning, overwhelming military prowess and masterful divide-and-rule policies. For most part of the past century, Communism has caused thousands and thousands of death, while the Communists have launched a no-holds-barred assault on Hindu faith, simultaneously working to keep the millions and millions of Indian people under clutches of crushing poverty. Can we, the Hindus, claim to be the victims only? Did we anything at all, that might have made it easier for these imperialistic powers to subdue and brutalize us? Are we still doing something that is making it easier for them to launch their next assault on us?

In this blog, I will demonstrate two exhibits, to prove that the Hindus indeed have been very very irresponsible, and even lazy, and this has directly contributed to our 1400-years long humiliation. The objective of this argument is not to demean the Hindus. It is to make ourselves alive to our responsibilities. For, freedom carries a price-tag – eternal vigilance and shouldering of responsibility.

First exhibit: Myself.

A 42 years old Indian Hindu, financially secure, established professionally, living his life in India, in the company of a caring family, a life which was built thanks to subsidized education received in India which of course were paid for the toiling masses of India. I am a Bengali. Everyday I scream nationalistic slogans on Social Media, call for better governance, more effective law-enforcement, better economic policies, stronger military and anti-terrorism capabilities, cleaner surroundings, protection of Hindu and overall Indian freedom of expression. In my country was born a great sage, Thiruvalluvar, whose picture accompanies this blog. He had composed one of the greatest piece of Tamil literary works, named Thirukkural. The seminal work can safely be considered one of the greatest literary works of India. The work is undoubtedly Indian, and essentially Hindu, it celebrates the all-round resplendence of Hindu culture. I have never read even one sentence of Thirukkural. I have many excuses that I can offer – my mother-tongue being different, professional pressure hardly leaving any time for literature, lesser familiarity with Tamil literary style of times so long gone, etc.

Second Exhibit: (a) Bishop Robert Caldwell and (b) Reverence G U Pope.

Caldwell was born in Ireland in 1814, arrived at the-then Madras in 1838 as missionary, of the London Missionary Society. This European found it very hard to covert the natives due to his lack of proficiency with Tamil. He studiously learnt Tamil. He read ancient Tamil literature, including palm leaf manuscripts and Sangam literature. He learnt Tamil so well, and read this literature so well, that he was able to completely twist their context, assign completely unheard of origin of the words, and ‘prove’ that the language itself was completely different from Sanskrit. His books, ‘A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of languages‘ and ‘A Political and General History of the District of Tinnevely’ played a huge part in the spread of Christian missionary activities, evangelism, Anti-Hindu mobilization in Tamil Nadu post Indian independence, Dravidian political movement, Anti-Brahmin racism in Tamil Nadu. Remember that he was from Ireland, and he had to learn Tamil, and overcome his years of frustration due to inability to convert natives easily! But he soldiered on! In the name of Christ, in the name of Cross, in the name of Church. And now, his descendants, the present-day missionaries, are reaping the rich harvest. Conversion to Christianity has assumed a menacing proportion in Tamil Nadu. Successive Dravidian political parties have built their entire political capital on the plank of anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin rhetoric.

(Dear reader, tell me please, who has worked hard? Me, or Caldwell? Whose stake is higher? Caldwell and the evangelists have their homelands – other countries. I only have India. Who deserves kudos for hard work, and who deserves reprimand for laziness? Tell me, please!)

Pope was born in Canada, had migrated to Britain while young, and had spent many years in Tamil Nadu as a Christian missionary during the 19th century. Frustrated with his inability to convert natives into Christianity in large numbers, Pope had rightly zeroed in on the main impediments – namely, the strong native culture, with rich literary and oral traditions, deeply influenced by local Hindu faith. While I sit tight with my ignorance, Pope had, with considerable effort, turned himself into a formidable scholar of Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu. His seminal work of translating Thirukkural and Thiruvachagam were actually motivated by his considerable strategic thoughts. He wanted to show these ancient Tamil literary works, each with deep influence on Tamil mind, as cultural works that were gifts of Christianity! He had married his concept with the ridiculous theory of St. Thomas having preached in Tamil Nadu. It was his bright theory that Thiruvalluvar had actually met St. Thomas, had received Christian teaching from St. Thomas, and as a result, was able to produce such brilliant work as Thirukkural! In other words, the greatest Tamil literary work was really a gift from Christianity! And since that was the case, Tamils belong much more into the Christian fold, than the Hindu one! How much ever ridiculous you may find this theory, the fact is that Pope’s theory had played a very big part in spread of Christianity in Tamil Nadu. Even to this date, the Christian evangelists active in Tamil Nadu hold Pope in very high esteem for his contribution to evangelism in South India. The Dravidian political parties, deeply against Hinduism, and openly in collaboration with Christian missionaries, hold Pope in very high esteem too. After all, his theory of the greatest Tamil literary works being outside of Hindu fold greatly facilitated their work of building the rabid anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin Dravidian political movement.

(Dear reader, once again, tell me please, who has worked hard? Me, or Pope? Who deserved the ‘trophy’ more?)


To be fair, not all Hindus have been lazy like me. In the middle and end of Twentieth century, formidable intellectual giants such Ram Swaroop and Sita Ram Goel had fought tooth and nail against the intellectual domination of anti-India forces. As a clear evidence that humanist values are not confined by national boundary, they were ably assisted by great minds from the West, such as Koenraad Elst, David Frawley, Maria Wirth. At present, nationalists such as Tufail Ahmed, Minhaz Marchant, Saswati Sarkar, Gaurav C Sawant, Kanchan Gupta, Sandeep Balakrishnan, Praveen Patil are among the intellectual giants tirelessly fighting for Hinduism. Thousands of Hindus and Indian nationalists are inspired by these great minds, and carry out foot-soldier duties day-in and day-out. I am fortunate to have come across some such soldiers such as Smita Barooah, Ajit Upadhyay, Ashok Tiwari, Gautam Mukherjee, S Iyer, Sanjay Dixit, Swarna Sikhar, and Anang Pal Malik. To be sure, there are many more of this warrior community, and this blog can not name everyone. However, and this is the sad part, vast majority of Hindus are still deeply divided along the deep fault-lines of caste, region and language. The latest evidence of this was found in Bihar. As pointed out by Dr. Praveen Patil, ‘United Spectrum of Hindu Votes’ had not materialized in Bihar, Hindus voted along caste lines, and Bihar now has Lalu Prasad Yadav, that architect of Bihar’s infamous ‘Jungle Raj’, back in the drivers seat!

It is time for common Hindus – like me – to put our ‘money’ where our ‘mouth’ is.

  • If we want pseudo secular intellectual support to Jihad, Evangelism and Communism to stop, we have to build, patronize and promote Hindu intellectual organizations that can fight against Communist-infested pseudo secular intelligentsia. It is pointless to expect Narendra Modi to spend public money and build right wing intellectual muscle, the way Congress and Communists had abused public fund to build left wing intellectual muscle!
  • If we want the mainstream media of India – hopelessly corrupt and pliant – to report truthfully, we need to be far more assertive and proactive, to spread the truth using Social media and personal contacts, all over our vast country. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi already shows the way in this regard. How long shall we take to learn?
  • If we want to stop cow slaughter, then we need to also move beyond rhetoric and help the ‘Gaushala’s (cow shelters).

The above three points were not meant to be exhaustive, they were only meant to initiate suggestions.

We common Hindus must wake up now, or else…..

Acknowledgements: I am deeply indebted to Shri Rajiv Malhotra’s ‘Breaking India’, Wikipedia, my hundreds of ‘teachers’ on Social media, and my children, who constantly coax me into overcoming my narrow confines. 

Bihar 2015 and further – buckle up nationalists!



The photographs accompanying this blog post are not for hero worship. Mr. Tufail Ahmed, Dr. Praveen Patil of ‘5Forty3’, Professor Saswati Sarkar, Mr, Gaurav C Sawant, Mr. Prasanna Vishwanathan of Swarajya Magazine, Ms. Temsutula Imsong, Mr. Abhijit Majumder, Mr. Minhaz Marchant and Mr. Sandeep Balakrishnan will vehemently oppose any effort to worship them. The photographs are to convey a message – that of integrity, that of hope, that of balance and that of formidable but humble – and purposeful – intellect. For, these are qualities that India’s right wing nationalists needs right now, the most.

On the 8th November of 2015, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah led BJP lost the state assembly poll in Bihar. BJP supporters were downcast. This defeat came on the back of some of the most vicious, partisan, biased and malicious attack that India’s pseudo secular communist/leftist politicians, and media, had mounted, for over a month, after the unfortunate lynching of a man in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. The mood of the BJP supporters were varied. A few accepted the result with grace and balance. A few, however, were carried away by negative emotions. A few in fact took to social media platforms to hurl abuse at the political opponents. The supporters need to understand a few hard realities. The photographs of the intellectual giants mentioned above is to remind the BJP supporters that calm and dispassionate intellectual analysis of the defeat, and hard-nosed course correction can not be substituted by harping on emotions. Not all of the above mentioned intellectuals are blind supporters of BJP. In fact, Professor Saswati Sarkar is not at all a BJP supporter. However, all of them demonstrate intellectual integrity. That quality is what the supporters of the BJP need the most. For, make no mistake, without course correction by BJP and the supporters, BJP stands the risk of losing 2019 Lok Shabha elections. A divided Hindu society has only one insurance against the relentless assault of Jihadis, communists, evangelical church, Saudi petrodollar-funded terrorism, Pakistan ISI sponsored brutality, China sponsored Maoist mayhem. Even that ‘insurance’ is not perfect. That insurance is BJP led by Narendra Modi. Loss of this insurance will result into further fragmentation of India, and if the above-mentioned ‘Break-India’ combine can sideline Narendra Modi-led BJP, ‘Balkanization’ of India will not be far away. Now is the time to wake BJP up, dear supporters! When Jihadis assaulted India for over 1000 years, the embattled Hindus were not always led well. Often the Hindu king and his army fortified themselves and the hapless Hindus were all by themselves, fighting against the Jihadi hordes. We know this instinctively. We know that we have an RSS leader in Mohan Bhagwat, who will make a cryptic comment on reservation, without caring to spell it out completely, thereby causing loss of 4% of votes in Bihar (Considering BJP has the highest vote share in Bihar, this loss was significant). We know that we have an Union Minister in V K Singh, who could have just requested the journalist to wait for the probe report, but he went on a completely different direction, probably causing loss of a few more % of votes, with Bihar having seen some of the worst atrocities against Dalits in the past few decades. We know that the government may not always be alert. Hence, it is all the more important for us to be alert.

It is important to note that the above mentioned intellectuals and volunteers are not the only ones who can help. There are thousands and thousands more, this blog post is too inadequate to acknowledge all of them. But that is where the point is. What has inspired these people – thousands and thousands – to add their voice, to lend their weight – behind Narendra Modi led BJP? It is the uplifting vision that Narendra Modi presents, and the Narendra Modi-led BJP presents, for India. It is that certainty that come what may Narendra Modi will not indulge in corruption, neither will he allow anyone else to indulge in corruption. It is the firm conviction that Narendra Modi represent true secularism – separation of church from state – and NOT the appeasement politics that passes off as secularism in India. It is the dream these thousands and thousands of people saw in what Narendra Modi has shown – of a just and prosperous India that lives by the values of freedom, merit, excellence, justice, good governance and respect. It is the knowledge that Narendra Modi takes not a day of rest, he works tirelessly to fulfill this dream. It is the knowledge that Narendra Modi will fulfill his promises – some of which he has already fulfilled, such as OROP, transparent auctioning of natural resources, etc.

Which brings us to the next point, the logical extension of the earlier point. Lacs of crores of rupees went into public exchequer, thanks to transparent auctioning of natural resources. 42 years old issue of OROP has been resolved. Land boundary agreement with Bangladesh has been signed. After 18 years, India is now considered less corrupt than China. India has received the most foreign direct investment in the last one year, among all large and emerging economies. ‘Ease of doing business’ has improved significantly in India. Coal import is significantly down. Electricity generation has increased significantly. Highway construction has picked up pace significantly. Pakistani misadventures in Line of Control and International Border have been adequately responded to, and after decades, Pakistan now feels the pressure of an assertive India demanding Gilgit/Baltistan/PoK to be returned. Chinese adventurism in the Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh has been adequately thwarted, Indian army and ITBP are now equally assertive, if the recent demotion of Chinese PLA observation hut in Burtse in Ladakh is an indication. Record number of toilets have been constructed for the Girl students in the Government schools in the past one year. Ms. Temsutula Imsong, hailing from Nagaland, has led a team of selfless volunteers, to clean up the timeless Ghats in Varanasi. Millions of subscribers have given up LPG subsidy, thereby facilitating below-poverty-line families in acquiring LPG connections. Dear BJP supporters, do all of these count for nothing? As ”@SaintLucifer” in Twitter asks – did we withstand 60 years of Nehruvian mediocrity just to give up on our leader after losing one election?

To be sure, the defeat in Bihar election is not to be ignored. We know that the dangerous break-India combine of Communists, Congress, AAP, Maoists, Jihadis, TMC, Evangelists, and Mandal politicians will be emboldened. We know that Khalistan terrorism will now receive added support, not only from Pakistan, but also from AAP extremists. We know that Maoists will get added support from China, Pakistan and the JNU-brigade. We know that Winter session of Parliament will be disrupted by Congress. We know that TMC, emboldened by their reprehensible act of banning Durga Puja in Birbhum district of West Bengal, will now turn on further Jihadi violence on the hapless Hindus in West Bengal. We know that GST and other important legislation will face hurdle in Parliament. We know that further pressure will mount on NDA government for placating the implacable foe Pakistan. We know that the evangelists will increase the flow of money and drug into North East India. We know that Saudi Petrodollar will flow with renewed vigor into the coffers of the Indian Jihadis. Make no mistake, this blog is not to ignore any of the above. By all means, criticize the government led by Narendra Modi. There’s the catch, though. Criticize, but with dispassionate, hard, cold facts. There is nothing like hard cold facts, when we face adversity. For, the first step in turning adversity into victory is to acknowledge adversity. Does BJP leaders say too much, while they could just say ‘We are waiting for the probe reports’? Perhaps they do. Please criticize V K Singh. Did M L Khattar mess up by making the cow slaughter issue (subject of article 48 of Indian constitution) into a Hindu-Muslim issue? Do you want to criticize him? Please do so by all means. Do you think Arun Shourie was unfair in stating that Modi is turning India into another Pakistan, after he was omitted from Union Cabinet? Please criticize him, if you feel he was unfair, but, for god’s sake, do not bring his ailing son into this. That abuse is not part of the vision that Narendra Modi keeps harping on.

Let us have our skin in the game, now. Please do not expect Narendra Modi to spend public money and build intellectual ecosystem subscribing to BJP views. He will not do that. For, that will only spawn ‘Award Wapsi’ class of ‘Intellectuals’. Dear Indian nationalists, you are not – I repeat NOT – ‘distorians’. When Professor Brahma Chellaney or Ms. Madhu Purnima Kishwar compliment Narendra Modi, they do that based on their own judgement, which is founded on their own intellectual integrity. When they criticize Narendra Modi, they do not do that because Narendra Modi has not given them any plum posts. They would like to remain autonomous. So do you. So do I. Dr. Praveen Patil of “5Forty3” faces imminent shutdown of his organization, and it is us – the Indian right-wing nationalists – that should work towards reviving his institution. We did not support Narendra Modi expecting doles. We supported him because he has promised that he will ensure level playing field for merit, for Indian genius, to flourish.

Let’s not wallow in self-pity. We have rough bumpy road to traverse. Let’s start. Let’s forget the petty selfishness. Let’s commit to the grand goal of making India a just society and not a temple of Nehruvian mediocrity. Let’s work. Let’s learn lessons from Bihar. Let’s apply the lessons and let’s win 2019. Vande Mataram.

Narendra Modi’s ‘Pakistan Policy’


India’s prime minister Narendra Modi had led a very involved election campaign for the 2014 parliamentary election in India. He had connected to an staggeringly large number of Indian people, both by being physically addressing large number of rallies, as well as by using technology, social media being a prominent avenue. He was articulate. He made his and his alliance’s position clear on almost all matters of importance. He, however, had spoken relatively less about one important matter – what position will his government take on Pakistan? It is not known why he had left this aspect open for interpretation, but possible reasons could be (1) to create elbow room for his government, and (2) retain an element of surprise that is so very important in foreign policy.

While stopping short of specifically spelling out his Pakistan policy, he had laid down the broad parameters within which his policy would be framed. There are four such parameters which he had laid down in course of various interactions/speeches/interviews, and these are as following:

  • His government, like all Indian governments, will be bound by the parliamentary resolution affirming entire state of Jammu & Kashmir being an integral part of India.
  • Terror and talk can not go on simultaneously.
  • India will not threaten anyone, India will not be threatened, India will build relationship with other countries from a confident footing.
  • India will get her own act right on the holistic canvass of overall governance, and once that happens, things will be okay.

After nearly one-and-half years of Narendra Modi assuming power, it is interesting to see the contours of his ‘Pakistan policy’. Even now, he has never articulated what his government’s policy is, but actions speak louder than words. For quite some time, many observers have been puzzled with his government’s actions regarding Pakistan. At first, Modi had invited Nawaz Sharif, during his oath-taking ceremony, along with other Presidents/Prime-ministers of the neighboring countries. Then there was supposed to be a foreign-secretary-level India-Pakistan dialogue, which India cancelled when Pakistan insisted on meeting Hurriyat Conference. Then there were very significant ceasefire violations by Pakistan, to which India responded very forcefully. Then there was meeting between Modi and Nawaz Sharif again in the Russian city of Ufa, where a decision of initiating National-Security-Adviser-level dialogue was taken. Then again Pakistan’s insistence on meeting Hurriyat Conference resulted into India cancelling this dialogue. During the UNGA of 2015, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif complained against supposed ‘indian occupation’ of Kashmir, to which India responded aggressively, turning the table on Pakistan and asking Pakistan to vacate Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and other Pakistan-occupied areas (Gilgit, Baltistan etc). Many observers termed this train of events as ‘Flip-flop’. Are they correct?

This blogger’s contention is that Modi’s Pakistan policy is not comprising of ‘Flip-flops’. Rather, it is a policy that has been crafted carefully, and is being implemented consistently. Only future can tell us what the results are, though.

What constitutes this policy? The following:

  • Vigorously engage with the other countries, whether they are in immediate neighborhood, or extended neighborhood, or far-removed, from a position of win-win. Remove India-Pakistan hyphenation completely. Relentlessly execute this purposeful diplomacy, to break the confinement of four lines (Line of Control, Durand Line, Line of actual control and McMahon line). How important is it to break the confines of the four lines? It can only be gauged by reading Jaswant Singh’s book ‘India at Risk’.
  • Negotiate with Pakistan only from a position of strength. Question of redrawing boundary by India unilaterally giving up territory is no longer even acceptable. Multiple Indian Union Government Ministers (Retired General V K Singh and Dr. Jitendra Singh are prime examples) have on multiple occasions commented openly that Pakistan must vacate areas they have illegally occupied. This signifies a crucial hardening of position on India’s part. No future government of India can soften these positions, because if they do, they run a severe risk of losing public support. Regular statements keep the pressure up on Pakistan. Similarly, no future government will be able to take a softer position on Pakistan meeting Hurriyat again.
  • Expend no significant political capital on the chimera of ‘Peace with Pakistan’. Indeed, Modi hardly comments on Pakistan. During his entire September-2015 trip to the United States of America, during which he had attended UNGA, while he was scathing on the matter of terrorism, he did not even acknowledge Pakistan. During UN peacekeeping conference, as a mark of courtesy, he waved at Nawaz Sharif, but that was all that he would acknowledge of Pakistan. The India-Pakistan meetings – all cancelled later due to Pakistan’s intransigence on meeting Hurriyat – were either at bureaucrat-level, or with very limited agenda (only terrorism), clearly short of any significant political investment. Modi is clearly not chasing Nobel peace prize via a Utopian ‘Peace with Pakistan’. He understands that without Pakistan conclusively discarding its virulently anti-India ideology, no peace with Pakistan is possible just by Indian overtures.
  • Pay Pakistan back severely for every misadventure.  Every ceasefire violation by Pakistan has been retaliated by the Indian security forces with overwhelming ferocity. In a marked departure from past, now Pakistan runs to UN after ceasefire violations, because of the heavy retaliation from Indian security forces make Pakistan pay heavy price for ceasefire violations. Steady neutralization of terrorists by other terrorists in the Kashmir valley (with no one claiming responsibility for the murder of the terrorists) is only resulting into further denuding of Pakistan’s terrorist-cells in Kashmir. The video showing Pakistan brutality in PoK and residents shouting pro-India slogan, immediately before to Nawaz’s speech in the UNGA, can not be entirely accidental.

Is this policy paying off? The ultimate results will only be known in future. However, judging by how Pakistan’s opinion-makers have worked themselves into a frenzy over what supposed conspiracies are being hatched by India’s NSA Ajit Doval (Keerti Chakra), Pakistan’s powerful elite is facing the heat. A further proof of the early effectiveness of Modi’s policy can also be found in the criticism Pakistan media has heaped on Nawaz Sharif, after comparing Modi’s US visit (source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/pakistan-media-on-pm-modis-us-visit/1/484625.html). No flip-flop, then.

Does India have ‘diplomatic tools’ that she can use in relation to red China and Pakistan?


We know that China has Sun Tzu. But do we also remember that India has Chanakya?

Does India always need to take in her stride (1) terrorism sponsored by Pakistan, (2) China-Pakistan collusion to build naval base in Gwadar to confine India, (3) China-Pakistan collusion to build ‘China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor’ through Gilgit-Baltistan which is Indian territory illegally occupied by Pakistan, (4) China arming terrorists in North East India, (5) China damming Yarlung Tsangpo in China-occupied-Tibet (Brahmaputra in India) incessantly, (6) China issuing stapled visa to Indian citizens hailing from Arunachal Pradesh and J&K, (7) China dumping her cheap goods on Indian markets thereby killing Indian industries, (8) Hundreds of Chinese PLA incursions into Indian territory, (9) Pakistan beheading Indian jawans, (10) Pakistan shelling Indian villages, (11) Pakistani nuclear blackmail, and many similar humiliations? Does India also have tools in her armor to pay back and thereby increase the cost of misadventure, and thereby deter China and Pakistan from aggressive designs?

The answer is ‘Yes’. However, deploying such tools require a quantum transformation in the thinking pattern of not only the Union Government of India, but the overall Indian society. The understanding is needed that war, as traditionally seen by Indians, involving armed forces, are one type of war only. The understanding that two adversaries bent upon waging war using every means available requires thoughtful response, and ‘Aaman Ki Aasha’ is not one such response, is imperative. The understanding that India did not start on 15th August 1947, rather India has been a civilization, culture, political entity since thousands of years, and Indian influence should not be confined to a map given by the British in 1947, is critical. An understanding is needed that in the world as we see it, ‘Idealism’ and ‘realism’ must blend.

For this article, the author is deeply indebted to books and articles written by Shri Brahma Chellaney, Shri Claude Arpi, Shri Arun Shourie, Shri Prakash C Katoch, Shri Gagandeep Bakshi, Shri Jayadeva Ranade, Shri Kanchan Mitra, Shri Danvir Singh, Shri Ashok Malik, Shri Minhaz Marchant and late Shri Bharat Verma. The author also expresses deep gratitude to brilliant contributors in Social media platforms, from Shri Debasis Tejas, Shri Dhruv Katoch, Shri Jayesh, Shri Sandeep, Shri Phunchok Stobdan, Shri Tephun Tenzin, Shri Ashok Tiwari, Shri Tenzin Tselha, Shri Vikraman Nair, Shri Swarna Sekhar Roychowdhury, Sushri Anjali George, Shri ‘Maodas Macaulayputra’ (pen-name in Twitter, not real name), Shri Yusuf (of Defence Forum of India), Shri Niraj Kumar, Sushri Kalpana Singh, Shri Waseem Altaf, Sushri Jyotsna Sarah George, ‘Rangzen’ team, Shri Tenzin Tsundue, ‘Free Tibet’ team, ‘United Nations for a free Tibet’ team, and hundreds of other writers. If this author misses expressing gratitude to any such guide(s), it is the sole error, although unintentional, of this author only. Additionally, this author expressed deep gratitude to well-wishers such as Sushri Rupa Jhaveri, Shri Raghuvir Kamath, Shri Soumendu Dutta, and – last but not the least – daughter of this author, Jhelum, for providing continuous encouragement.

A short list of possible ‘diplomatic’ tools that India can use is provided below:

  1. In an unrelenting manner, without giving Pakistan any chance to reorganize diplomatic defense, continuously highlight that the only pending issue with respect to Kashmir is that Pakistan must return every Inch of land they had usurped in 1947 and 1948. Sustained delivery of this message, leveraging every social, political, diplomatic and other channels will firmly shift the focus of ‘Kashmir issue’. India must understand that Pakistan treats the ‘Line of Control’ as a ceasefire line, and as every nation treats ceasefire lines historically, Pakistan is bent upon pushing that line further, at all times. India must not settle for converting LOC into International border.
  2. Similarly, the same approach needs to be used with respect to red China, vis-a-vis Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley. For, red China treats Line of Actual Control (LAC) as a ceasefire line, and tries to continuously push the line deeper towards India.
  3. On Twitter, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has more followers than the entire population of Balochistan, the vast region – reeling under crushing poverty, but remaining reverent to ‘Mother Hinglaaj’ – illegally occupied by Pakistan. Can Indian society rise up to the challenge, learn to use social media effectively, and relentlessly pursue the case of Balochistan’s freedom? The amount of campaign material Indian people can churn out, the amount of outreach they can generate, can prove to be unnerving for Pakistan, in an era of instant dissemination of information.
  4. For 65 years now, red China is carrying out propaganda work, to erase Tibet’s history from human consciousness. Can Indian people take the trouble to understand that Tibet has been an independent nation for thousands of years, a nation which had actually ruled parts of China even as late as the era of the Tibetan king Shrongsen Gompo, and ‘Xi’an’, the famous site of China’s ‘Terracotta Warriors’ was once the seat of the Tibetan kings? Can Indian people use easily available social media tools to generate massive quantities of campaign material on this matter? It is time we understand that we live in a democracy, and we have the unique advantage of the ability of augmenting governments effort to bolster our security. Our freedom of expression provides us with this capability. Can we use it?
  5. India continues her inexorable march towards a ‘Knowledge economy’. A ‘Knowledge economy’ is a function of ‘Knowledge era’. In other words, millions of Indians every year are entering this knowledge era. Let us use this. Let us gain the knowledge that not only Tibet, only a few decades back, ‘Nei Monggol’ (inner Mongolia) and ‘East Turkestan’ (what red China calls Xinjiang) were independent countries, and not part of China. Can we Indian people remind the world, including China, relentlessly, that China has gobbled up territory far more than her original territory, and now is the time that these hapless people gain independence? The reminder is important. An expansionist China will not stop, unless circumstances are proactively created for them to stop. We live in a democracy, and while we have rights, we also have responsibilities.
  6. Expounding further on the responsibility, let us also understand that the Jawans guarding LAC in icy deserts of Ladakh and remote Arunachal Pradesh alone are not responsible for India’s security. India’s trade deficit with China, at 36 Billion US $ at the end of 2013-2014, is now at 48 Billion US $. Take just one example, that of India’s sports goods industry, largely concentrated in Jalandhar and Ludhiana. This industry is getting wiped out due to Chinese dumping. We have a responsibility to stop buying ‘Made in China’. The Indian jawans who were killed in NEFA in 1962 did not have warm clothes, snow boots, ammunitions, but they fought before they were killed. We the upwardly mobile Indian population have everything, and we do not need to fight (hence no risk of getting killed) to sustain ourselves. This author rests his case with one last point on this topic. Often Indian people are worried about WTO rules, in connection with any discussion about issuing a boycott call for ‘Made-in-China’ goods. We forget that, in 2010, when Japan had arrested a trespassing PLAN captain, China had engineered a massive boycott of Japanese goods, entirely through seemingly non-governmental entities. In India, however, although RSS had issues a call for boycotting ‘Made in China’ in 2014, the call remained a hopelessly unpublicized affair.
  7. India can gradually start recognizing Tibet as an ‘Occupied country’. In a carefully calibrated series of steps, GoI can increase contact with the exiled Government of Tibet and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Next step could be building opinion in India, and all over the world. The next step could be declining visa on Chinese passport for anyone who have lived in Tibet, while keeping in mind the need to let the hapless Tibetan people at least escape to India, fleeing the terrible persecution. The next step could be to decline such visa on Chinese passport to anyone who have even temporarily resided in Tibet. The next step could be to make noise in the UN. Then we can use formal government-to-government channel to ask Chinese to revert Tibet to the status as on 31st December 1949, basically asking them to quit. Thereby we can turn the table diplomatically on the spurious Chinese claim on Arunachal Pradesh as ‘Southern Tibet’. The same template can be used, in a calibrated manner, with respect to East Turkestan and Nei Monggol. Besides, recognizing Taiwan as an independent country and opening full-fledged diplomatic relationship with Taiwan should be much easier.
  8. 9th June 2015 was a red-letter day, when GoI allowed Indian army to avenge their colleagues killing, through a ‘Hot Pursuit’ in Myanmar. Such efforts are seen as military only, but we need to understand that military power and diplomacy are actually intertwined. Hence, hot pursuit in Pakistan to neutralize Dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Sayeed and Maulana Masood Azhar will also send a diplomatic message. Similarly, hot pursuit in Ruili (China) where Paresh Barua (of ULFA) is nurtured by red China, will send a diplomatic message too. Building strong border infrastructure and strong military posture in Ladakh and North East India will send a clear message to China, as well.
  9. Instead of hair-splitting analysis with respect to inviting Japan in the ‘Malabar’ naval exercise, the very act of quickly inviting Japan will send a clear diplomatic message to China.
  10. Convincing Vietnam and Australia to grant India berthing dock for Indian submarines will go a long way in giving a thinly veiled diplomatic message to red China.
  11. One internal step, for a change. India’s mainstream media – hopeless corrupt and pliant – produces plenty of pro-Pakistan and pro-China stories. That Indian express, NDTV, ‘The Hindu’, Frontline, Outlook etc have a culture of paid news, is well known. Less well known is the dubious funding they receive, and the convoluted money trail makes it immeasurably more difficult to understand how much ISI or ‘United Front Works Department of China’ money are funneled to them. Considering N Ram of ‘The Hindu’ calls His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama a ‘revanchist’, it can be assumed that the money flow is good. These ‘fifth columnists’ need to be neutralized. Why does GoI continue to spend money on advertising in these media channels? Does GoI believe these media channels have credibility? Does GoI not watch the scorn Indian people heap on Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Praveen Swamy and Karan Thapar? Even after launching such a successful campaign on social media, requesting Indian people to give up LPG subsidy, does GoI believe that they need to spend money for publishing advertisements in these media outlets? Stopping government advertisements in these channels/newspapers will have a salutary effect on their propensity to publish pro-Pakistan and pro-China ‘paid news’. Will GoI be bold enough?

In summary, the above recommendations are not path breaking, nor are any of them ‘rocket science’. Indian people know these, so does Indian government. However, as renowned management expert Ken Blanchard had written in his book ‘Know Can Do’, the transformation lies in not knowing, but in putting the knowledge to work. Can we transform our destiny?