How to deal with Islam?


The murderous cult

Since it’s inception, Islam has caused killing of 670 million people, by conservative estimates( Reference 1 ). However, if the writing of Muslim historian Firishta in either Tarikh-i-Firishta or Gulshan-i-Ibrahim are to be considered, then the estimate of Hindus killed by Islamic terrorism needs to be revised from 80 million to 400 million. That takes Islamic onslaught’s death toll to nearly 900 million. Keep in mind that Buddhists did not keep a record of their dead due to Islamic onslaught. If reliable data is available from the Buddhist people, Islam’s “Achievement” could well cross “A Billion Killed”. All this in less than 1400 years. By all standards, this is an exceptionally violent ideology. We did not even mention the wanton destruction of cultures, and systematic erasing of history.

The featured diagram depicts how, within a short time of its inception, Islamic Jihad spread to a wide area, bringing with it the savage destruction and terrorism that their prophet legitimized by his own behavior (Source: Raymond Ibrahim, P J Media)

We can’t ignore Islam

If this was just history, we could have probably just learnt the history, and moved on. Unfortunately, this is not just history, this is not just past. Islamic Jihad, with all it’s gory slaughter, continues till date. News reports from 17th June (a day before this article is written) indicated that Jihadis in the Kashmir valley not only killed 5 jawans of the Indian security forces, but also mutilated the body parts. The danger from Islam is clear and present. We can not look the other way. We can only ignore Islam’s destructive potential at the cost of jeopardizing our children’s future. If we abdicate our responsibility today, our children and grandchildren will never forgive us. In the 1970’s, Beirut was known as the “Paris of the Middle-East”. In 2017, Paris is known as the “Middle East of Europe”, what with Islam mounting a frontal attack on the very idea of a liberal society that values art and culture.

Take the Islamic bull by horn, don’t sidestep

This article discusses some tactics that we must use, if we are to succeed against worldwide war against Islam. This article is from the perspective of a Hindu Indian. This article does not intend to profess any sort of neutrality in this regard.

First, we need clarity.

Borrowing from management concept, one can state that a problem can be resolved only after it can defined. There are large hearted people believing Islam can be reformed. This writer is of firm belief that Islam can not be reformed, it needs to be destroyed. Hindus did not reform the barbaric Sati custom, they eliminated it. Hindus are not reforming the custom of untouchability, they are eradicating it. You reform something when you can arrive at a more amenable, more civilized version of the brutal practice, so that you can coexist with it. Sati could not be transformed into a more humane practice. Untouchability can not be transformed into a moderate form. Either these customs stay, or Hindu society. Similarly, a religion that hold Muhammad of 7th Century as a fundamental role model, can not be reformed. When your “Perfect Man” is a desert bandit, rapist, mass murdered, pedophile, hallucinating narcissist, your religion is doomed. It can never be compatible with any humane value system. The sooner we define the nature of the Islamic problem, the better off will we be.

Second, we must not underestimate the importance of comprehensive military victory against Islam.

By its very nature Islam is a complete political doctrine of subjugating “Kuffars”, and it stipulates the “Momin” to launch total warfare against the Kaffir population. In this total warfare, every form of deceit, terrorism, mass rape, wanton destruction of civilian population as was done in erstwhile Vijayanagar empire, are completely “Halal”. Candles, flowers and teddy bears to mourn the victims of Islamic Jihad may be nice sentiments, but those are not weapons enough to defeat Islam. A series of devastating, comprehensive, and mind-numbing military defeats, while not enough to destroy Islam by itself, will expedite the process. Charles Martel did more to stop Islam, by winning the battle of Tours, than all the candles, flowers and teddy bears that Europe can ever hope to assemble while mourning the dead of Jihad in her cities. Maratha and Sikh muscle power did more to defeat Islam and dishearten Ghazis in India, after India’s end appeared imminent during Aurangzeb’s tyranny. The below map shows Aurangzeb’s  empire, and one shudders to think that Hindus would have been completely wiped off the face of the earth within a short time, had the Marathas and Sikhs (not to forget less prominent but equally valiant local warriors) not militarily challenged the Ghazis. Every weapon, once invented, has been used in warfare. It’s the same with Nuclear weapons. Hindus must understand that being fooled by Gandhian moral of turning the other cheek when slapped will only result into the end of one of the most fantastic civilization and it’s billion people. When need arises, we must not dither from dropping Nuclear bomb on Rawalpindi or Riyadh. The key decision making factor is whether dropping Nuclear bombs on Rawalpindi or Riyadh will help us win the military war against Islam. The decision making factor should never be woolly headed Gandhian preaching. A constant and proactive military offensive must be maintained by India against the sword of Islam. As Shri Anang Pal Malik (author of “Corruption in India” and founder of “Center for Fundamental Freedom) never fails to point out, Islam expands by taking over “Kuffar” land, usurping “Kuffar” money, and subjugating “Kuffar” women. If the expansion is rolled back, Islam will hurtle towards collapse, because there is no equilibrium or status quo possible as far as Islam is concerned. Hence, from a purely Hindu perspective, Indian armed forces must constantly push the current borders of India towards the West by pushing Pakistan army back, and also, at the same time, reclaim the land currently known as “Bangladesh”. Armchair activist Hindus must understand this fundamental tactic of the warfare a Hindu nation must undertake against Islam, and invest into this warfare. In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

India under Aurangzeb

How can a common Hindu contribute to the military offensive against Islam? The readers of this article are advised to visit Bharat Ke Veer .

Additionally, the readers are advised to support

Indian Army Battle Casualty fund




A/C NO : 90552010165915



Third, spotlight on Islam must be on.

As an ideology, it can not survive, if the spotlight is turned on it, for a sustained period, with appropriate intensity. An ideology that peddles lies such as one man alone, forever to come, has the exclusive right to communication channel between man and god, flies in the face of every conceivable logic and rational thought. An ideology that calls on believers to forcibly convert everyone to Islam, or kill everyone, can not be accepted as a civilized model code of behavior. An ideology, whose “Perfect Man” married a six years old child, can not be expected to do any good to civilization as such. An ideology, which enjoins the followers to kill “Kuffars” in their so-called sacred month can not be continued to prosper. However, as long as people do not know the intricacies of this ideology, it will continue to prosper. Every tea shop and every corner store of every neighborhood in the world must discuss the reality of Islam, must have the courage to criticize it. Recently, during the hearing on the Triple Talaq issue in the Supreme Court of India, the Islamist side had to clearly admit that this practice is retrograde, but they had asked for the community to be allowed to reform it at their own pace. The intense spotlight is making Islam defensive. Nationwide discussion on Triple Talaq has made it clear to the Indian people that Islamist want to continue with their retrograde ways. Islam wants to avoid exactly this spotlight. And this is what it must be subjected to. Quran and Hadith must be read by all, but not for the purpose of prayer. These books must be read, to know what Islam really is, from the proverbial “Horses mouth”.


Fourth, a clear differentiation must be made between Islam and Muslim.

We must wean back the people, that is, the Muslims, from the clutch of this violent imperialist ideology. It’s not the Muslims that are our enemies. It is Islam that is the enemy. Here, another important understanding is needed. Muslims do not deserve sympathy. In spite of generations of them having been forcibly converted to Islam, uprooted from their own native cultures, and fed everyday with the toxic ideology, in spite of the female genital mutilation. This may sound very unfair. But in reality sympathy will not win this war. Sympathizing will amount to condoning their continued association with Islam, and this continued association of Muslims with Islam can not be supported. However, Muslims deserve empathy. We must understand how hard it is for them. We must look deep within us and remember that we have family, we have personal commitment, and it will be really hard if someone was to kill me for giving up on my faith publicly. Apostasy is punishable with death in Islam. Not everyone can be Taslima Nasreen, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Tarek Fatah, or Tufail Ahamed. It is not easy for the Muslims to leave Islam, with the sword of Islam constantly hanging over their head. Attack from outside will weaken Islam, but in the end, the Muslims must be weaned back sufficiently to break Islam’s stranglehold on its flock of sheep. Without empathizing with the Muslims, they can not be weaned back.

Call to action:

It’s war. Good luck is needed. But that’s not strategy. Strategy requires us to understand the enemy first. Let’s work on that.



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