Hindu Polemical Point of View – Part 4

Fundamental tasks for the Hindu people

Hindus can not expect to defeat the joint assault of Islam, Christianity and Communism, without first and foremost focusing on three fundamental tasks. If we can not do these, all talk of Hindu unity and Hindu rejuvenation is just nonsense.

Task #1:

Every Hindu – girl or boy, woman or man, old or young, poor or rich, illiterate or educated, salaried employee or business person, irrespective of region/caste/linguistic affinity – must build strength in her or his muscle. Weak physique can only produce an weak soul, an weak mind. There is no point in reciting Hanuman Chalisha 108 times a day, if we can not even make an attempt to emulate Hanuman ji’s devotion to strength. There is no point in celebrating Swamy Vivekananda’s birth anniversary, if we can not listen to his fundamental clarion call of building strength.

Task #2:

Every Hindu must contribute financially to organizations that further Hindu interests. We can stop talking about Hindu Rashtra, if all we want is to sit tight and expect Narendra Modi to all the hard lifting.

A list of organizations are provided below. The list is not exhaustive.

(a) Center For Fundamental Freedom:

Bank account details are following:

Name- Center For Fundamental Freedoms
Account no- 003105030131
Account type- current
Branch address- K -1, Senior Mall, Sector 18, NOIDA, UP- 201301


(b) Bharat Ke Veer

(c) Indian Army Battle Casualty Fund:




A/C NO : 90552010165915


(d) Chinmaya Mission

(e) Agniveer

(f) Hindu Samhati

In Favour Of : Hindu Samhati.

A/C No: 35195690885
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: B K Paul Avenue
IFSC: SBIN0001767

(g) Bengali Nationalist quarterly magazine “Deshbhokter Chithi” (“Letter from patriot”):

To subscribe, the bank account details are as following:-

Beneficiary name: Sandwip Kumar Sengupta ICICI Bank,

account number 086401501930,

Savings account,

IFSC code: ICIC0000864 


(h) Nimittekam 

Task #3:

Please participate in Hindu festivals, please spread Hindu faith. Please own up Hindu customs/festivals/pilgrimages irrespective of regional/caste/linguistic division. Please debunk the falsehood that Hinduism does not support proselytizing (please read late Swamy Chinmayananda’s commentary on Taittiriya Upanishad, where he has debunked the myth of Hinduism not supporting proselytizing). Please spread the words from key Hindu sacred texts such as Srimad Bhagvad Gita and Hanuman Chalisha.

Call to action:

Work, o Hindus! Stop squandering your precious time and energy on petty squabbles. and unimportant matters.


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