Hindu Polemical Point of View – Part 3

India on the front-foot:

On 15th August 2016, during the course of his Independence day speech, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to acknowledge that messages of thanks he has received from the oppressed people of Gilgit, Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and Balochistan, and affirmed that the kind messages of these people are actually for the 1.25 billion Indian people.

Argumentative Hindu:

A section of Hindu right wing has been lambasting Shri Modi for a while now, for what they perceive as too much accommodation of Pakistan, such as visiting Pakistan during Nawaz Shariff’s birthday, agreeing to talk to Pakistan even if the agenda is limited to terrorism only, sending foreign secretary to Pakistan for SAARC related matter, sending Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh to Pakistan recently, etc.

We Hindus can at times be too preoccupied with debate. While debate is healthy, too much of it can at times dilute the focus on the key objectives. This can be self-defeating, especially when the objective is complex and of far-reaching import. Our objective is to defeat Islam. It has to be done at multiple different planes, such as military, diplomatic, economic, intellectual, and above all, spiritual. It is the objective that matters. Not the tools. Pakistan carries on the brutal flag of Islam in the Indian subcontinent, and will not stop before it can convert or kill all Hindus. This is a fundamentally implacable foe. There will never be a peaceful coexistence with Pakistan. Islam defines Pakistan, and Hindus can not coexist peacefully with Islam. Defeating Islam is what is needed to defeat Pakistan. Every tool of warfare is acceptable, in so far as it enhances our chances of defeating Islam. Deception is a perfectly legitimate tool of warfare. Shri Modi will not spell out why he visited Pakistan. We have voted him in, through a free and fair parliamentary election. We need to give him the time and space he needs, to do his job. Whether he meets Nawaz Sharrif or Barrack Obama should not concern us as long as we are working on our key objective of defeating Islam. Warfare is not won by only bullets and missiles on the battlefield. Much more is needed, deception and psychological operations being a few such tools. Can we at last, armed with the video-recorded evidence of Shri Modi’s 15th August 2016 speech, assure ourselves that Shri Modi is serious about Pakistan? And, finally, can we do some work on our own, to actually further our objective of defeating Islam, of which, defeating Pakistan is one, but not the only, important step? Can we finally move our rear side off the couch, and get to work?

Time to counter poisonous narrative is now:

What can we do, to assist in breaking up Pakistan, given that majority of us do not wield weapons, and are not in the Indian armed forces or Indian intelligence agencies? A lot.

Example of poisonous narrative – Salman Khurshid:

Please see the statement made by former Indian foreign minister from UPA era, Salman Khurshid ( Reference 1). We fundamentally disagree with Khurshid’s view, but his statement, in one page, provides us with the gist of the arguments India’s pseudo secular fixers will extend, in the coming days, to prove that Shri Modi was wrong in bringing up Balochistan, PoK and Gilgit in his independence-day speech. We Hindus must counter each and every one of these arguments, and defeat India’s pseudo secular backers of Islam and Communism.

Take, for example, the following statement of Khurshid: “To interfere in Pakistan’s internal matters, no matter how appropriate it may be in terms of human rights, political aspirations of people, it is not our business. If we get involved in Pakistan’s internal matters, it would give them a course to interfere in our internal matters and this would be the worst thing to do for our own country.”

Is Pakistan not interfering in India’s internal matter for the past 69 years? Did they not already occupy Gilgit, Baltistan, Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir? Did they already not reduce the Hindu population to just 1%, by wanton massacre? Did they not force wars upon us already? Did they not massacre millions of Bengalis, in the process pushing in millions of destitute refugees into India? Did they not sponsor Jihad in Kashmir and elsewhere in India for 3 decades now?

Take for example this next pearl of wisdom from Khurshid: “Do we allow the Americans to speak about the atrocities in India, we don’t. Do we speak for any other country, we don’t, There is a sense of restrain that we have to show, when we are dealing with an independent sovereign nation.”

Is America not interfering in India’s internal matter for the past several decades? Did Nixon not threaten India when we were fighting to make Bangladesh free from the oppressing Pakistan regime? Did America not force us to talk to Pakistan even after they themselves went on all-out ‘War Against Terror’, even though we faced exactly the same Jihadist terror? Does USCIRF not interfere in our internal matters, weighing in favouring Church and its conversion agenda? How long will we Hindus remain the proverbial ‘Good boys’?

Further wise nuggets from Khurshid: “Balochistan wants to be independent it is their concern, not India’s.”

Really? So, we Hindus should not look for allies, and continue to be slaughtered by the sword of Islam, which we have been, for 1400 years? We should just submit ourselves in front of the army of PBUH?

Do we Hindus understand that instead of getting worked up by what Modi is doing, or not doing, we have an important role to play, in countering the pseudo secular middlemen in India?

Example of poisonous narrative – T S Thakur:

Let us now look at Chief Justice of India T S Thakur, and his overreach. Apparently he will now decide India’s foreign policy.

CJI Thakur

We Hindus have to really stand up to this constant judicial overreach. To my knowledge, no one summarized this ‘tyranny of unelected’ as Shri R Jagannathan did in his Swarajya article (Reference 2). What role can a countries judiciary have, in determining foreign policy? Supreme court is constitutional court. What constitutional impropriety has been caused by Shri Modi acknowledging messages of gratitude from the oppressed people of Balochistan? It is us, the Hindus, who have to find ways to show Supreme court that they are not above constitution.

Example of poisonous narrative – Sagarika Ghosh:

No discussion about Hindu fight against India’s pseudo secular, corrupt, pliant, Jihad-courting, communism-loving media can be completed without a mention of Sagarika Ghosh.


Did Vietnam wait, first, to resolve all their internal issues and contradictions before responding to American and later Chinese military might? Did Israel first wait to become economically self-sufficient and to develop sound democratic institutions, before they responded to repeated Jihadist aggression? Dear Sagarika Ghose would like us to wait. Well, in the process if a few more million Hindu skulls get added to the over 100 million killed over the past 1400 years, that’s just going to be suppressed in the best tradition of Indian pseudo secular media’s ‘balanced coverage’!

“Work, work, work!”:

Do not worry about Shri Modi. This man of 66, with a strict vegetarian diet, his Yog regimen, his neck-break schedule and his immense commitment to India, is doing his job. Let’s do ours! Let’s counter India’s leftist/pseudo-secularist/Jihadi/Evangelist lobbies, and their representatives in media, politics and ‘intelligentsia’. Let us reclaim the narrative from them, so that when the brave Indian jawans march into PoK, Gilgit, Baltistan and Balochistan, shoulder-to-shoulder with the local population, to throw the brutal Islamic regime of Pakistan out, they do not have to fight with one hand tied behind themselves!






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