A brave Hindu : Shri C Sadanandan Masterji

Masterji campaigning

Profile of a brave Hindu:

Dear Hindu reader:

What, if any, do you find unusual in the above picture? A middle-aged man, crossing wooden plank, assisted by two other people. Nothing unusual? Think again.


The man is Shri C Sadanandan, affectionately called ‘Masterji’, whose legs were chopped off by Communist brutes, in Uruvachal village of Kannur district of Kerala, on the 25th of January 1994.

The crime? Read his own words, which a journalist had published in the form of a partial interview ( Reference 1):

Till my pre-degree course I was attached with the SFI. My father was an active communist, but became inactive after 1993. During my college days, I came in contact with Gokuldas of the ABVP, who became my close friend. At this point of time, he gave me a book written by Shri Parameshwaran, “Communism and Hindutva”, which deeply influenced me. I once attended a bouddhik at a Raksha Bandhan ceremony organised by the RSS in my village. The slight change in me developed into my attachment to the R.S.S. and I became a swayamsewak. My family warned me about the consequences of this, but I stuck to the R.S.S. Many other boys of the village too joined the R.S.S. shakhas. I later became Bouddhik Pramukh of Thrissur and the Saha Zila Karyavah. On Sept 8, 1993, the CPI-M had called a Bandh in Kerala during which they sought to dismantle a bus shelter in-village Perincheri built by the RSS. I and some other swaymsewaks resisted. The reprisal came three months later. On Jan.25, 1994, while I was in village Uruvachal, to visit my uncle in connection with my sister’s marriage, at least twenty CPI-M workers accosted me, and after pulling me down on the ground, chopped off both my legs. I became unconscious in raging pain. I lay on the road while the CPI-M people threw bombs on the road and escaped. Police came twenty minutes later. I was taken to the Kozhikode Medical college Hospital and later to Bangalore where a RSS sponsored organisation Sewa-in-action arranged for my artificial legs.”

Sadanandan Masterji’s courage

I think that your next question could be that what is he doing, walking around in rural areas, supported by others?

He is contesting Kerala State Legislative Assembly elections in 2016, from the same Kannur District, as a BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) candidate! In the picture, he is going from home to home, campaigning, with his artificial legs, with which he can walk only up to half a kilometer, without assistance! If courage ever needs another name, it could be ‘C Sadanandan Masterji’.

But wait! Do not close this blog yet. You may say, ‘What is so hard here? 22 years ago his legs were chopped off by Communist brutes. This is now 2016, Communism is now a discredited ideology, he need have no fear now. ‘ All I would request is that you read the article, written by Anjali George (Twitter handle @Kuvalayamala).

Killing Fields of Kannur

After reading this article, you would have understood how Kannur has been the ‘Cultural Revolution execution battleground’ of the Indian version of brutal imperial ideology called ‘Communism’. Now remember that ‘Master ji’ is married to Vanitha Rani since 1995, and the family have a charming daughter. Dear Hindu reader, please put yourself in his ‘shoes’. Not only to understand his courage. To actually do something more. Why is ‘Master ji’ contesting an election, after having his legs chopped off 22 years back, in the same district, which is a killing field brutalized by the communists, knowing fully well that Kerala is a very difficult battleground for Hindus, and he and his family could be gravely threatened?

It is the same reason, due to which millions and millions of unsung Hindus fought Islamic, British, Christian and Communist imperialism with everything they had. Millions and millions of them were killed, raped, brutalized, and forcibly converted. The Indian historian Professor K.S. Lal estimates that the Hindu population in India decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD and 1525 AD, an extermination unparalleled in World history ( Reference 2). Hindus lost vast amounts of territory. Unprecedented number of Hindu temples have been demolished and converted into Mosques and Churches. But we did not give up. ‘Master ji’ isn’t giving up, either. Because like the millions and millions of Hindus who had given up their lives in their struggle against imperialism, ‘Master ji’ also has an Ayyappa temple to save in Sabarimala, a Durga puja to protect, an Aranmula village to conserve, a Hanuman Chalisha to cherish, a Kanchi Shankara Mutt to preserve, a ‘Bharat Natyam’ to protect, and so on, and so forth. Dear Hindus, you have, too.

Rise, O Hindus, rise

Please spread the word. Please contact, and thank, brave Hindus like Advaita Kala (Twitter handle @AdvaitaKala), J Nandakumar (Twitter handle @kumarnandaj), Arjun (Twitter handle @arjun_pdm), Gireesh (Twitter handle @Savarkar5200), Twitter handle @HKupdate, who are providing extraordinary support to ‘Master ji’. Dear Hindus, please consider supporting ‘Master ji’, in every conceivable means possible.

Consequence of Hindu slumber

If we do not support the fellow Hindus, our future can be summarized by the below two pictures – (1) chopped off legs of ‘Master ji’, and (2) Communist brute forces weapons that would ‘help’ whole of India become Kannur’s killing fields. Choice is ours.

chopped legs

CPM hit team weapons


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