Wake up, Hindus, or else…

Hindu apathy

Hindus of India have been colonized for most part of the last 1400 years. Their geographical reach in terms of absolute territory has reduced. For over 1000 years the Islamic Jihadis have wrought havoc on India, with millions and millions of Hindus killed, raped, brutalized and converted by force. For about 500 years, Evangelist missionaries have induced, raped, brutalized, killed, and converted more millions of Hindus. For over 200 years, British have laid India to waste, through sheer brutality, cunning, overwhelming military prowess and masterful divide-and-rule policies. For most part of the past century, Communism has caused thousands and thousands of death, while the Communists have launched a no-holds-barred assault on Hindu faith, simultaneously working to keep the millions and millions of Indian people under clutches of crushing poverty. Can we, the Hindus, claim to be the victims only? Did we do anything at all, that might have made it easier for these imperialistic powers to subdue and brutalize us? Are we still doing something that is making it easier for them to launch their next assault on us?

Hindu laziness

In this blog, I will demonstrate two exhibits, to prove that the Hindus indeed have been very very irresponsible, and even lazy, and this has directly contributed to our 1400-years long humiliation. The objective of this argument is not to demean the Hindus. It is to make ourselves alive to our responsibilities. For, freedom carries a price-tag – eternal vigilance and shouldering of responsibility.

First exhibit: Myself.

A 42 years old Indian Hindu, financially secure, established professionally, living his life in India, in the company of a caring family, a life which was built thanks to subsidized education received in India which of course were paid for the toiling masses of India. I am a Bengali. Everyday I scream nationalistic slogans on Social Media, call for better governance, more effective law-enforcement, better economic policies, stronger military and anti-terrorism capabilities, cleaner surroundings, protection of Hindu and overall Indian freedom of expression. In my country was born a great sage, Thiruvalluvar, whose picture accompanies this blog. He had composed one of the greatest piece of Tamil literary works, named Thirukkural. The seminal work can safely be considered one of the greatest literary works of India. The work is undoubtedly Indian, and essentially Hindu, it celebrates the all-round resplendence of Hindu culture. I have never read even one sentence of Thirukkural. I have many excuses that I can offer – my mother-tongue being different, professional pressure hardly leaving any time for literature, lesser familiarity with Tamil literary style of times so long gone, etc.

Second Exhibit: (a) Bishop Robert Caldwell and (b) Reverence G U Pope.

Caldwell was born in Ireland in 1814, arrived at the-then Madras in 1838 as missionary, of the London Missionary Society. This European found it very hard to covert the natives due to his lack of proficiency with Tamil. He studiously learnt Tamil. He read ancient Tamil literature, including palm leaf manuscripts and Sangam literature. He learnt Tamil so well, and read this literature so well, that he was able to completely twist their context, assign completely unheard of origin of the words, and ‘prove’ that the language itself was completely different from Sanskrit. His books, ‘A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of languages‘ and ‘A Political and General History of the District of Tinnevely’ played a huge part in the spread of Christian missionary activities, evangelism, Anti-Hindu mobilization in Tamil Nadu post Indian independence, Dravidian political movement, Anti-Brahmin racism in Tamil Nadu. Remember that he was from Ireland, and he had to learn Tamil, and overcome his years of frustration due to inability to convert natives easily! But he soldiered on! In the name of Christ, in the name of Cross, in the name of Church. And now, his descendants, the present-day missionaries, are reaping the rich harvest. Conversion to Christianity has assumed a menacing proportion in Tamil Nadu. Successive Dravidian political parties have built their entire political capital on the plank of anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin rhetoric.

Dear reader, tell me please, who has worked hard? Me, or Caldwell? Whose stake is higher? Caldwell and the evangelists have their homelands – other countries. I only have India. Who deserves kudos for hard work, and who deserves reprimand for laziness? Tell me, please!


Pope was born in Canada, had migrated to Britain while young, and had spent many years in Tamil Nadu as a Christian missionary during the 19th century. Frustrated with his inability to convert natives into Christianity in large numbers, Pope had rightly zeroed in on the main impediments – namely, the strong native culture, with rich literary and oral traditions, deeply influenced by local Hindu faith. While I sit tight with my ignorance, Pope had, with considerable effort, turned himself into a formidable scholar of Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu. His seminal work of translating Thirukkural and Thiruvachagam were actually motivated by his considerable strategic thoughts. He wanted to show these ancient Tamil literary works, each with deep influence on Tamil mind, as cultural works that were gifts of Christianity! He had married his concept with the ridiculous theory of St. Thomas having preached in Tamil Nadu. It was his bright theory that Thiruvalluvar had actually met St. Thomas, had received Christian teaching from St. Thomas, and as a result, was able to produce such brilliant work as Thirukkural! In other words, the greatest Tamil literary work was really a gift from Christianity! And since that was the case, Tamils belong much more into the Christian fold, than the Hindu one! How much ever ridiculous you may find this theory, the fact is that Pope’s theory had played a very big part in spread of Christianity in Tamil Nadu. Even to this date, the Christian evangelists active in Tamil Nadu hold Pope in very high esteem for his contribution to evangelism in South India. The Dravidian political parties, deeply against Hinduism, and openly in collaboration with Christian missionaries, hold Pope in very high esteem too. After all, his theory of the greatest Tamil literary works being outside of Hindu fold greatly facilitated their work of building the rabid anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin Dravidian political movement.


Dear reader, once again, tell me please, who has worked hard? Me, or Pope? Who deserved the ‘trophy’ more?


Are Hindus in a hopeless state?

To be fair, not all Hindus have been lazy like me. In the middle and end of Twentieth century, formidable intellectual giants such Ram Swaroop and Sita Ram Goel had fought tooth and nail against the intellectual domination of anti-India forces. As a clear evidence that humanist values are not confined by national boundary, they were ably assisted by great minds from the West, such as Koenraad Elst, David Frawley, Maria Wirth. At present, nationalists such as Tufail Ahmed, Minhaz Marchant, Saswati Sarkar, Gaurav C Sawant, Kanchan Gupta, Sandeep Balakrishnan, Praveen Patil are among the intellectual giants tirelessly fighting for Hinduism. Thousands of Hindus and Indian nationalists are inspired by these great minds, and carry out foot-soldier duties day-in and day-out. I am fortunate to have come across some such soldiers such as Smita Barooah, Ajit Upadhyay, Ashok Tiwari, Gautam Mukherjee, S Iyer, Sanjay Dixit, Swarna Sikhar, and Anang Pal Malik. To be sure, there are many more of this warrior community, and this blog can not name everyone. However, and this is the sad part, vast majority of Hindus are still deeply divided along the deep fault-lines of caste, region and language. The latest evidence of this was found in Bihar. As pointed out by Dr. Praveen Patil, ‘United Spectrum of Hindu Votes’ had not materialized in Bihar, Hindus voted along caste lines, and Bihar now has Lalu Prasad Yadav, that architect of Bihar’s infamous ‘Jungle Raj’, back in the drivers seat!

Put your money where your mouth is, o Hindus!

It is time for common Hindus – like me – to put our ‘money’ where our ‘mouth’ is.

  • If we want pseudo secular intellectual support to Jihad, Evangelism and Communism to stop, we have to build, patronize and promote Hindu intellectual organizations that can fight against Communist-infested pseudo secular intelligentsia. It is pointless to expect Narendra Modi to spend public money and build right wing intellectual muscle, the way Congress and Communists had abused public fund to build left wing intellectual muscle!
  • If we want the mainstream media of India – hopelessly corrupt and pliant – to report truthfully, we need to be far more assertive and proactive, to spread the truth using Social media and personal contacts, all over our vast country. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi already shows the way in this regard. How long shall we take to learn?
  • If we want to stop cow slaughter, then we need to also move beyond rhetoric and help the ‘Gaushala’s (cow shelters).

The above three points were not meant to be exhaustive, they were only meant to initiate suggestions.

We common Hindus must wake up now, or else…..

Acknowledgements: I am deeply indebted to Shri Rajiv Malhotra’s ‘Breaking India’, Wikipedia, my hundreds of ‘teachers’ on Social media, and my children, who constantly coax me into overcoming my narrow confines. 


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