Bihar 2015 and further – buckle up nationalists!



The photographs accompanying this blog post are not for hero worship. Mr. Tufail Ahmed, Dr. Praveen Patil of ‘5Forty3’, Professor Saswati Sarkar, Mr, Gaurav C Sawant, Mr. Prasanna Vishwanathan of Swarajya Magazine, Ms. Temsutula Imsong, Mr. Abhijit Majumder, Mr. Minhaz Marchant and Mr. Sandeep Balakrishnan will vehemently oppose any effort to worship them. The photographs are to convey a message – that of integrity, that of hope, that of balance and that of formidable but humble – and purposeful – intellect. For, these are qualities that India’s right wing nationalists needs right now, the most.

On the 8th November of 2015, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah led BJP lost the state assembly poll in Bihar. BJP supporters were downcast. This defeat came on the back of some of the most vicious, partisan, biased and malicious attack that India’s pseudo secular communist/leftist politicians, and media, had mounted, for over a month, after the unfortunate lynching of a man in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. The mood of the BJP supporters were varied. A few accepted the result with grace and balance. A few, however, were carried away by negative emotions. A few in fact took to social media platforms to hurl abuse at the political opponents. The supporters need to understand a few hard realities. The photographs of the intellectual giants mentioned above is to remind the BJP supporters that calm and dispassionate intellectual analysis of the defeat, and hard-nosed course correction can not be substituted by harping on emotions. Not all of the above mentioned intellectuals are blind supporters of BJP. In fact, Professor Saswati Sarkar is not at all a BJP supporter. However, all of them demonstrate intellectual integrity. That quality is what the supporters of the BJP need the most. For, make no mistake, without course correction by BJP and the supporters, BJP stands the risk of losing 2019 Lok Shabha elections. A divided Hindu society has only one insurance against the relentless assault of Jihadis, communists, evangelical church, Saudi petrodollar-funded terrorism, Pakistan ISI sponsored brutality, China sponsored Maoist mayhem. Even that ‘insurance’ is not perfect. That insurance is BJP led by Narendra Modi. Loss of this insurance will result into further fragmentation of India, and if the above-mentioned ‘Break-India’ combine can sideline Narendra Modi-led BJP, ‘Balkanization’ of India will not be far away. Now is the time to wake BJP up, dear supporters! When Jihadis assaulted India for over 1000 years, the embattled Hindus were not always led well. Often the Hindu king and his army fortified themselves and the hapless Hindus were all by themselves, fighting against the Jihadi hordes. We know this instinctively. We know that we have an RSS leader in Mohan Bhagwat, who will make a cryptic comment on reservation, without caring to spell it out completely, thereby causing loss of 4% of votes in Bihar (Considering BJP has the highest vote share in Bihar, this loss was significant). We know that we have an Union Minister in V K Singh, who could have just requested the journalist to wait for the probe report, but he went on a completely different direction, probably causing loss of a few more % of votes, with Bihar having seen some of the worst atrocities against Dalits in the past few decades. We know that the government may not always be alert. Hence, it is all the more important for us to be alert.

It is important to note that the above mentioned intellectuals and volunteers are not the only ones who can help. There are thousands and thousands more, this blog post is too inadequate to acknowledge all of them. But that is where the point is. What has inspired these people – thousands and thousands – to add their voice, to lend their weight – behind Narendra Modi led BJP? It is the uplifting vision that Narendra Modi presents, and the Narendra Modi-led BJP presents, for India. It is that certainty that come what may Narendra Modi will not indulge in corruption, neither will he allow anyone else to indulge in corruption. It is the firm conviction that Narendra Modi represent true secularism – separation of church from state – and NOT the appeasement politics that passes off as secularism in India. It is the dream these thousands and thousands of people saw in what Narendra Modi has shown – of a just and prosperous India that lives by the values of freedom, merit, excellence, justice, good governance and respect. It is the knowledge that Narendra Modi takes not a day of rest, he works tirelessly to fulfill this dream. It is the knowledge that Narendra Modi will fulfill his promises – some of which he has already fulfilled, such as OROP, transparent auctioning of natural resources, etc.

Which brings us to the next point, the logical extension of the earlier point. Lacs of crores of rupees went into public exchequer, thanks to transparent auctioning of natural resources. 42 years old issue of OROP has been resolved. Land boundary agreement with Bangladesh has been signed. After 18 years, India is now considered less corrupt than China. India has received the most foreign direct investment in the last one year, among all large and emerging economies. ‘Ease of doing business’ has improved significantly in India. Coal import is significantly down. Electricity generation has increased significantly. Highway construction has picked up pace significantly. Pakistani misadventures in Line of Control and International Border have been adequately responded to, and after decades, Pakistan now feels the pressure of an assertive India demanding Gilgit/Baltistan/PoK to be returned. Chinese adventurism in the Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh has been adequately thwarted, Indian army and ITBP are now equally assertive, if the recent demotion of Chinese PLA observation hut in Burtse in Ladakh is an indication. Record number of toilets have been constructed for the Girl students in the Government schools in the past one year. Ms. Temsutula Imsong, hailing from Nagaland, has led a team of selfless volunteers, to clean up the timeless Ghats in Varanasi. Millions of subscribers have given up LPG subsidy, thereby facilitating below-poverty-line families in acquiring LPG connections. Dear BJP supporters, do all of these count for nothing? As ”@SaintLucifer” in Twitter asks – did we withstand 60 years of Nehruvian mediocrity just to give up on our leader after losing one election?

To be sure, the defeat in Bihar election is not to be ignored. We know that the dangerous break-India combine of Communists, Congress, AAP, Maoists, Jihadis, TMC, Evangelists, and Mandal politicians will be emboldened. We know that Khalistan terrorism will now receive added support, not only from Pakistan, but also from AAP extremists. We know that Maoists will get added support from China, Pakistan and the JNU-brigade. We know that Winter session of Parliament will be disrupted by Congress. We know that TMC, emboldened by their reprehensible act of banning Durga Puja in Birbhum district of West Bengal, will now turn on further Jihadi violence on the hapless Hindus in West Bengal. We know that GST and other important legislation will face hurdle in Parliament. We know that further pressure will mount on NDA government for placating the implacable foe Pakistan. We know that the evangelists will increase the flow of money and drug into North East India. We know that Saudi Petrodollar will flow with renewed vigor into the coffers of the Indian Jihadis. Make no mistake, this blog is not to ignore any of the above. By all means, criticize the government led by Narendra Modi. There’s the catch, though. Criticize, but with dispassionate, hard, cold facts. There is nothing like hard cold facts, when we face adversity. For, the first step in turning adversity into victory is to acknowledge adversity. Does BJP leaders say too much, while they could just say ‘We are waiting for the probe reports’? Perhaps they do. Please criticize V K Singh. Did M L Khattar mess up by making the cow slaughter issue (subject of article 48 of Indian constitution) into a Hindu-Muslim issue? Do you want to criticize him? Please do so by all means. Do you think Arun Shourie was unfair in stating that Modi is turning India into another Pakistan, after he was omitted from Union Cabinet? Please criticize him, if you feel he was unfair, but, for god’s sake, do not bring his ailing son into this. That abuse is not part of the vision that Narendra Modi keeps harping on.

Let us have our skin in the game, now. Please do not expect Narendra Modi to spend public money and build intellectual ecosystem subscribing to BJP views. He will not do that. For, that will only spawn ‘Award Wapsi’ class of ‘Intellectuals’. Dear Indian nationalists, you are not – I repeat NOT – ‘distorians’. When Professor Brahma Chellaney or Ms. Madhu Purnima Kishwar compliment Narendra Modi, they do that based on their own judgement, which is founded on their own intellectual integrity. When they criticize Narendra Modi, they do not do that because Narendra Modi has not given them any plum posts. They would like to remain autonomous. So do you. So do I. Dr. Praveen Patil of “5Forty3” faces imminent shutdown of his organization, and it is us – the Indian right-wing nationalists – that should work towards reviving his institution. We did not support Narendra Modi expecting doles. We supported him because he has promised that he will ensure level playing field for merit, for Indian genius, to flourish.

Let’s not wallow in self-pity. We have rough bumpy road to traverse. Let’s start. Let’s forget the petty selfishness. Let’s commit to the grand goal of making India a just society and not a temple of Nehruvian mediocrity. Let’s work. Let’s learn lessons from Bihar. Let’s apply the lessons and let’s win 2019. Vande Mataram.


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