An open letter from the glaciers in Tibet


“Dear World:

You all know the tragic and brutal plunder of Tibet by communist China. Since 1950, 1.2 million Tibetan people have been killed by the savage carnage stages by communist China. During cultural revolution alone, over 6,000 monasteries were destroyed. Tibet’s environment faces total destruction from the onslaught of mining, militarization, industrialization, deforestation, dumping of nuclear waste and building of large dams over the rivers originating in Tibet such as Yarlung Tsangpo. Tibetan people are now minorities in their homeland. Tibetan culture and language are nearing destruction. You know these.

Do you know about us, the Tibetan glaciers?

The Himalayas have the world’s third largest glacier reserve of 1 trillion cubic meters in an area of 11,000 square kilometers. China’s official Meteorological Administration reveals that 82 % of glacial surfaces on the plateau have retreated and the glacier area has decreased by 4.5 % in the past 20 years. Some estimate that in the past 50 years, 82 % of the Tibetan glacier ice have melted. The plateau has lost 10 % of its permafrost layer in the past decade. More than 15,000 glaciers in the Himalaya show evidence of shrinkage. Some 2,000 Himalayan glaciers have disappeared since Chinese occupation of Tibet.

We are dying. Our death will not be Tibet’s loss alone. Tibetan rivers sustain 85% of Asia’s population and our death will directly impact these rivers.

Please listen to His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama’s proposal of converting Tibet into a peace park. Please pressurize China to do this.


Glaciers in Tibet.”


Note: The author of this article is indebted to Shri Jayadeva Ranade and his book “China unveiled: Insights into Chinese strategic thinking” for this article and has quoted him extensively.


8 thoughts on “An open letter from the glaciers in Tibet

  1. China’s wanton destruction and exploitation of environment and natural resources on the roof of world is no secret to the world. But precise and factual writing like this on the Tibet’s glacial meltdown will go a long way in exposing China’s evil doings which is nothing short of ecocide in addition to cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing already carrying out in full swing in Tibet.

    We must thank Anujitmukhopadhyay for this timely note alerting the world of the catastrophic danger looming over its roof, while our Tibetan political leaders are busy wooing Shi Jin Ping and his men to become bed-fellows!

  2. i think if someone didn’t support the independence of Tibet, it may doesn’t matters to their lives and considered it as tibet’ causes but one should ( especially Asian nationalities) not forget to raises their voices for the voiceless of Glaciers in Tibet. Destruction of tibetan environment is the mere causes of larger influences in environmental haphazrds in the rest of Asia. I think we are not late to bring words into action, if one wants to see and bring a better world to our next generarion, pressurizing china over destructing Tibet’s enivironment could be the finest appoach one can make…. Thank you sir for sharing your resourceful article…..

  3. Another thought-provoking article that should wake up the slumbering conscience of not only China’s immediate neighbhors but also the world at large. I appreciate Mr. Mukherjee’s sincere effort in raising this important topic.
    The chinese exploitation of Tibetan natural resource and thus disturbing its sensitive ecological balance is an irreversible loss and a sure catastrophe. It is direct thrwat to the livelihood billions of people who directly depend on the rivers originating from Tibetan plateau and also to mitigation of the climate change. We must force china to demilitirise and de-nuclearise Tibet and convert it into a zone of ‘ AHIMSA’ ; PEACE.

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