India’s Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is a friend of Tibet

India’s mainstream media’s demonization of RSS:

Indian mainstream media lambasts Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a ‘communal’ and ‘fascist’ organization. Indian mainstream media is highly controlled by communists and their sympathizers, and like many lies that the communists peddle, this also could not be further from truth.

RSS’s selfless service:

RSS has been involved in countless humanitarian efforts, whether the flood relief efforts, 2004 Tsunami relief, helping victims of 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom in Delhi, or helping Indian army jawans during the 1962 war imposed on India by communist China. During the 1962 war imposed by China on India, RSS provided sterling services by helping the Indian government and Indian army jawans. Pt. Nehru had to acknowledge their timely contribution and he invited the Swayamsevaks of the Sangh to participate in the Republic Day parade of 1963, in spite of opposition from within the Congress. Needless to say, the march of a 3000-strong contingent of uniformed Swayamsevaks, in tandem with the band, was a major attraction of that parade.

A little known aspect of RSS is their deep commitment to the sorely tried Tibetan people. Perhaps even more unknown is the fact that RSS has supported the Tibetan cause consistently, irrespective of who was the leader of RSS at any given time.


For this article, I am deeply indebted to Wikipedia, Guruji Golwalkar, Organiser, Ram Madhav, Samvada, Guardian and Rediff. I will quote extensively from these sources.

RSS’s commitment to Tibet:

RSS has been deeply troubled by the tragic subjugation of Tibet since the 1950’s.

‘Guruji’ Golwalkar, late leader of RSS, had consistently expressed his views that “It has been a terribly blunderous act to gift away Tibet to China. This is one governmental blunder which even the British did not commit.” Golwalkar had also said that India would commit a “grave strategic blunder” if she does not drive out the enemy out of Tibet. Golwalkar had criticized the Nehru government for their duplicity with regard to Tibet – “But when China butchered Tibet we did not utter a word of protest”. He was very respectful towards the resistance the Tibetan people have been mounting against Chinese communist rule. He had spoken strongly in favor of India offering Dalai Lama setting up his government in exile and declare independence of Tibet. He had said that “it is we who have betrayed the trust that Tibet had reposed in us. We committed a great sin” referring to Nehru governments renunciation of moral responsibility towards Tibet.

Professor Balraj Madhok, who was once the president of Jan Sangh, and closely associated with RSS, was the president of the Indo-Tibetan society.

Neither is RSS’s commitment to Tibet running out of steam.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama clearly acknowledges the support RSS has consistently provided to the Tibetan people. As recently as January 2014, when Dalai Lama had visited the RSS headquarters in Nagpur (the photograph above refers to this visit), India, and paid his respect to Dr. KB Hedgewar and ‘Guruji’ Golwalkar, he had acknowledged that “The RSS has always been with us in our struggle for Tibet. Its support inspires us a lot. RSS marks an example for discipline and dedication. Sangh is patriotic organisation and always works for the welfare of the country and countrymen”.

Present-day leader of RSS, Shri Ram Madhav, is categorical in his statement – “India Has a Moral Commitment on Tibet”. He expresses his anguish that India did not support a resolution in the UN denouncing Chinese PLA invasion in the 1950’s, in his book ‘Uneasy neighbours’. He has, on numerous occasions, commented on the discrimination the Tibetan people now face in their own land, Tibet! He has explained how, now a minority in their own land, Tibetan people are forced to remain in the lower rung of the society, under over-lordship of the Han Chinese.

Nor is RSS’s commitment to Tibet confined only to their senior leadership. Indresh Kumar, once head of the Himalayan cell for the RSS, was clear in his statements – it is a diplomatic, political and humanitarian crime to accept Tibet as part of China. He is clear that the first responsibility for Tibet’s independence is of India, because – he quotes His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama – “India is guru (teacher), Tibet is shishya (disciple).”

RSS is a nationalist organization. They can feel the pulse of the nation. Indian people remain committed to the Tibetan cause, and RSS lucidly expresses this. Let us pay heed to their calls to action.


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