Chinese communist propaganda about Tibet

Chinese lies about Tibet:

For 63 years now, the brutal and regressive Chinese Communist empire is spreading lies about Tibet. For any imperialist design, propaganda based on lies and deception is an essential tool. It manages to fool a large number of people. In this case also, a very large number of people around the world have started believing the myths that the Chinese communists spread. For a clean conscience, if not for anything else, the free world must know the truth.

Myth # 1. Chinese communists claim – “Tibet has always been integral part of China”.

Reality: Tibet has been an independent country for most part of it’s thousands of years of history. As early as AD 821, Tibet and China had signed peace treaty, after 200 years of border conflicts, with both sides recognizing their respective territories as ‘inviolable’. When the Mongols invaded, they invaded two separate countries, China and Tibet. When Mongol empire fell to the ethnic Han Chinese, Tibetans had already broken off and had not paid to Chinese Ming emperors. The 5th Dalai Lama had unified the Tibetan provinces and established diplomatic relations with China, as a sovereign state. In 1717 when the Dzungar Mongols invaded Tibet, the Qing empire had sent troops to crush the Mongols, took advantage of Tibet’s weakness and declared Tibet a tributary state. When Chinese empire weakened in the 19th Century, Tibet had practically been completely free from Chinese control. Francis Younghusband-led military mission to Tibet in 1903-04 had established British influence on Tibet, but had not converted Tibet into a colony. After the fall of Qing empire in China, in 1912 Tibet had declared full independence. Thus, as far as the recorded history goes, Tibet has mostly been an independent country. Chinese PLA invasion in 1950 changed that. Please refer to “” for a detailed account.

Myth # 2. Chinese communists claim – “Tibet has been developed under Chinese communist rule”.

Reality: In 63 years, Chinese communists have killed 1.2 million Tibetans. During the construction of Tibet-Xinjiang highway alone, over 20,000 Tibetan slave labors were killed. During cultural revolution alone, over 6,000 monasteries were destroyed. China has inflicted severe damage to Tibet’s environment: Toxic waste is dumped into rivers; forests are clear-cut; endangered species are hunted for sport; and nuclear-testing facilities are built. Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans die from famine and disease. The Chinese begin building facilities for the development of nuclear weapons and begin nuclear testing in the Tibetan plateau. In just 30 years, 25 percent of Tibet’s forests are clear-cut, putting $54 billion into Chinese pockets. In the 1980s, this rapid deforestation causes 5 billion tons of soil to be lost to erosion every year, making the Yellow River flood. China currently has at least 300 to 400 nuclear warheads, many of which are in the Tibetan plateau. China had declared in 1991 the “Year of Tibet” and began bulldozing historic Tibetan buildings and homes in the Barkhor, the central square of Lhasa, Tibet’s capital. China has built dams on the major rivers originating in Tibet, such as Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet), Irrawady, Mekong, Sutlej, Indus and Karnali. Salween is the only major river that has not yet been dammed. These large dams have caused incalculable damage to Tibet’s fragile ecosystem. The gigantic plan of diverting Brahmaputra’s water to China’s arid north will destroy the largest river canyon in the world, and along with that 60% of Tibet’s ecological diversity. Please refer to Rangzen, Professor Brahma Chellaney and Claude Arpi.

Myth # 3. Chinese communists claim – “Tibetans are happy to be reunited with motherland”.

Reality: Tibetans have never reconciled to the Chinese brutality and oppression. China had to make Tibetans a minority community in their own country to keep Tibet under control. Had the Tibetan’s been happy, then Panchen Lhama need not have been killed by the Chinese within 48 hours of his first-ever speech critical of the Chinese government. Had Tibetans loved their Chinese ‘motherland’, then, as on today, December 2013, Chinese PAPF need not have swamped Dhiru and Nagchu in Tibet. Chinese government need not have monitored every movement of Tibetans, everywhere, all the time. Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans die in prisons and labor camps. Tibetan women are raped, sterilized and forced to have abortions. Children are shut off from Tibetan culture and subjected to beatings by teachers and authority figures. Nun’s accounts of their prison experiences indicate they are targeted by the Chinese. They are subjected to extreme methods of torture: Dogs are used to bite them; their faces and torsos are burned with cigarettes; and electric batons are used on their genitals. Tibetan refugee children report that teachers and other authority figures subject them to beatings using rubber clubs, whips, belts, chairs, electric wires and other instruments. Lhasa’s Drapchi prison is one of the most brutal prisons in the entire world. Kham province erupted in uprising in 1956. Mass uprising took place in Lhasa in 1959, which had to be brutally crushed by the Chinese communists, Dalai Lama had to flee to India along with 80,000 refugees. 1980 mass uprising was savagely extinguished by Chinese communists. Since 2009, 150 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest against Chinese brutality.

Free world has responsibility towards Tibet:

Free world is free because it questions propaganda. If free world is taken in by Chinese communist myths, then it is not only Tibet’s loss, but it also spells doom for the long term future of free world.


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