Why #Tibet ‘s #freedom matters


Tibet’s freedom struggle is a Litmus test for free world. If free world can help Tibet regain freedom from imperialist Communist China, the example will go a long way towards helping free world in implementing key projects, such as building inclusive society, empowerment of marginalized communities, improving democracy and rule of law. If China is able to crush Tibetan freedom struggle, the dark forces led by China (and symbolized by the barbaric states such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and North Korea) will gain a significant upper hand. Why?

  • First, for the Tibetans, it is a matter of life and death. No peaceful existence with freedom is possible for Tibetans under Chinese brutality. Since 1950, China has killed 1.2 million Tibetans, destroyed thousands of monasteries, plundered Tibet’s environment with incalculable damage and made Tibetans minority in their own country. For exiled Tibetans, unless Tibet is free again, the emotional loss and sense of hurt will be unfathomable.
  • Second, for the oppressed people worldwide, freedom for Tibet will be a beacon of hope. After all, Tibetans have as good a legal case for freedom as China herself has. Tibet has been an independent country for millenia. If free world supports Tibet, oppressed people worldwide will have the confidence in the free world, that there is someone to champion their cause. For example, people in Balochistan will have reasons for hope that they can free themselves from Pakistani colonialism. On the other hand, if the free world dumps Tibet for the sake of trade with China, it will be a big blow to the oppressed people all over the world. They will learn that having a just case does not matter and cheap manufacturing bases in China are more powerful than ideals such as equality, freedom and democracy.
  • Third, for the security of Asia, Tibetans must regain their freedom and retain the same with hard work and diligence. Chinese dam building frenzy in Tibet has already resulted into many dams built over the rivers originating in the Tibetan platue. This includes rivers such as Brahmaputra, Irrawadi, Mekong etc that flow into lower-riparian states like India, Vietnam and Myanmar. China has all along resisted any water-sharing treaty, and does not even agree to UN clauses regarding this. Salween is the only river originating in Tibet that has not been dammed by China so far. China has the ominous ability now to divert water from these rivers towards their arid North, or reduce the flow of water to the lower-riparian states (thereby causing havoc including water-riots), or even flood the lower-riparian states (like how they did by bursting artificial lake along river Sutlej and flooding Himachal Pradesh in India). China now has the ability to launch ‘water-war’ against its neighbors. Dumping nuclear waste in Tibet and heavily militarizing Tibet are causing incalculable harm to its fragile environment, leaving future generations far poorer.

Stand up, free world! Pass this Litmus test. You can not afford to fail, because your failure will be a major boost to the dark forces of tyranny that are led by China.



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