#Communist #China – the most #evil #empire ?

The Chinese communist empire is only 64 years old. Their brutality in just 64 years boggles mind. One worries about the terrible effect if this empire lasts long.

  • The Chinese communists had caused death of over 30 million people during the forced famine of ‘Great Leap Forward’. Unconfirmed report of cannibalism can not be corroborated, however, the people can hardly be blamed had they indeed taken this extreme step, due to ferocious communist repression.
  • They killed over 10 million people in their decade long brutal ‘Cultural revolution’. Once again, unconfirmed report of revolutionaries making soup with body-parts of ‘counter-revolutionaries’ can not corroborated. However, the brutal nature of this pogrom and purge has been widely documented.
  • They killed 1.2 million Tibetans, since the 1950 invasion. The Chinese communist empire significantly increased territorial jurisdiction by invading Tibet.
  • No accurate estimation is possible of how many were killed in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.
  • Possibly millions have been killed due to countless repressive measures in mainland China in the 64 years.
  • Tiananmen square massacre of 1989 involved Chinese PLA firing from tanks on unarmed civilians demanding democracy.
  • Barbaric repression of Falun Gong, Tibetans, Uyghurs and other minorities and dissidents continue.
  • To build dams alone, China has forcibly displaced 22.9 million people.
  • China has proliferated nuclear weapons to rogue states like Pakistan and North Korea.
  • Environmental degradation is alarming, villages after villages are now ‘cancer villages’. Pollution is a major cause for thousands of riots in China every year. Rampant mining in Tibet is destroying one of the last ecological heritage areas. Recent shutdown of a city of 11 million due to smog is just one outward manifestation of this problem.
  • Tibet, which is Asia’s water-table, is heavily dammed by China. Rivers originating Tibetan plateau provide water to over 50% of Asia’s population. China controls these rivers, build dams on them without any river-water sharing agreement with any of the lower-riparian states. Nuclear radioactive waste is dumped in Tibet, with frightening consequence for the Tibetan as well as the lower-riparian states.
  • China has border conflict with every neighbor except for the rogue state of Pakistan. China resorts to force to resolve these, such as wars with India in 1962, Nathu La conflict with India in 1967, Samdurong Chu stand-off with India in 1986, war with Vietnam in 1979, current stand-off with Japan and conflicts over Spartly’s islands.
  • China has financed and armed terrorists in India and Myanmar.
  • Freedom of expression is severely curtailed, every bit of citizens life is roundly monitored and censored in China.

Chinese empire needs to crumble in the interest of humanity and world at large.  The sooner the better.



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