Pakistan – ‘fiddling’ while burning


Pakistan is imploding:

Pakistan army and jihadis have attacked Keran sector in Kupwara, J&K. They have probably started their preparation in September or even earlier. Indian army has found their intrusion on the intervening night of 22nd/23rd September. Currently, Indian army is fighting to recover the lost ground. A lot of media attention is focused on Pakistan’s back-stabbing while the Prime Ministers of the two countries were talking ‘peace’ in New York. What is yet to receive the media attention is how Pakistan is ‘fiddling’ while burning internally. During the same period, over 100 were killed in Peshawar alone by the terrorists. Also, during the same period, 5 Pakistani Army Helicopter gunships shelled Arwan area of Balochistan, which is reeling under the destruction wrought by the devastating earthquake, which has already claimed over 400 lives.

Pakistan’s disastrous track record of governance:

Is it surprising? Not in the least, considering Pakistan’s abysmal track record of all-round failure. Let us look at Pakistan’s failure in a comprehensive manner:

Pakistan continues to be very poor with respect to human development index:

Pakistan languishes almost at the bottom of any measurement. Poverty is crushing. Gender ratio is among the worst in the world. Malnutrition and lack of vaccination takes thousands of young lives every year. Women are oppressed, both from patriarchal society and religious oppression. Education system is weak and further disintegrating. Healthcare is crumbling. Environmentally it is already a basket-case.

Pakistan’s “Basket case” economy:

It is the US aid alone that is propping Pakistan up. This should suffice to explain what state Pakistan economy is in.

Non-existent religious freedom in Pakistan:

The country was born to be a land for Muslims. It has almost exterminated the Hindus and the Sikhs. It would not be long before Christians are exterminated.  Pakistan has been relentlessly persecuting Hazara Shias, other Shias, Ahmadiyas and several other sects. It may not be long before it becomes a ‘Sunni Muslim’-only state.

Rampant provincialism in Pakistan:

Pakistani Punjab overlords on every other regions – Sindh, Balochistan, Northern areas and NWFP.  In Balochistan alone, between 2003 and 2012, over 8000 people have disappeared.

Pakistan is simply barbaric:

Blasphemy law, mutilating and beheading prisoners of war are just two of the examples. Need we say more?

Pakistan’s pervert sense of history:

Pakistani children are taught to consider their Arabic roots and not Indian sub-continental. Is it any wonder that Pakistan is the largest importer of Saudi Wahabi Jihad?

Breakdown of institutions in Pakistan:

Pakistani Supreme court legalizes coups using ‘Doctrine of necessity’. Need we say more?

Failed Armed Forces of Pakistan:

In their 66 years of history, Pakistani armed forces have triggered 5 wars including Siachen, and have lost all. Entire account of their torture of their own citizens, whether in Bangladesh (1971) or Northen Areas (against Shia) may only be known after Pakistan withers. One of the most coup-minded army is also one of the most corrupt one – even as far back as 1971, Pakistani generals in Bangladesh used Marcedes Benz for their personal transportation.

Failed intelligence services of Pakistan:

The ‘dreaded’ ISI has actually destabilized Pakistan more than any other ‘enemy’, by unleashing and nurturing the Jihadi monster.

Perpetual ‘client state’ status of Pakistan:

Pakistan has failed to develop any independent existence at all – earlier they were client state of the USA, now they are a client state of China.

Nuclear smuggling:

In spite of the above, entirely by smuggling, Pakistan boasts of Nuclear weapon and delivery systems!

Who are their enemies, but themselves?


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