Fairness Cream? Or poison?

In the 1960’s, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., along with his wife Mrs. Coretta Scott King, visited India. They were not tourists. They came to see the land of Mahatma Gandhi. They were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent struggle for Indian independence. They had read widely about how Mahatma Gandhi had held her non-violent struggle as a principle, and not just as tactical mode passive resistance. That was during the height of the ‘Civil Rights’ movement in the US, which Dr. King was leading. They were opposing the draconian and derogatory ‘Jim Crow’ laws that allowed racial segregation to flourish in the Southern states of the US. Essentially, Dr. King came to India to draw further inspiration for his fight against racism and discrimination based on color of skin.

Five decades later, Indian society endorses fairness creams. There are relentless advertisements of fairness creams. The advertisements ask the consumers to become fair-skinned, by applying these creams. Women have been the prime target audience. Of late, men are targeted too.

In the last five decades, on this subject, did we go forward? Or backward?


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